Naritive, a media owner committed to optimising programmatic ad solutions for brands and companies, has unveiled a platform known as Nat1ve.

With this platform, Naritive aims to revolutionise the way digital advertising is created, customised, and measured.

Nat1ve hosts Ad Stories, an HTML display asset that serves across the open web, including giants like Google and Yahoo. Advertisers can access this display inventory via Naritive’s programmatic trade desk, or their own, broadening the reach of their campaigns while maximising their impact.

Ad Stories, a unique ad format, is designed to resonate with your target audiences by offering an unparalleled level of ad customisation and engagement. This technology leapfrogs the boundaries of conventional ad formats and offers animated features such as polls, quizzes, scratch to reveal, swipe to reveal, and tap-to-action hot spots. These interactive elements display like an Instagram reel or a TikTok and, are designed to amplify the ad’s presence and captivate user attention.

“What sets Naritive apart is our ability to measure user attention. The Nat1ve platform doesn’t just draw engagement, it quantifies it,” said Sonja Underwood Naritive MD. “We provide advertisers with dwell time data, offering valuable insights into the quality and impact of their ad impressions. It’s a solution that addresses a long-standing challenge in the digital advertising world.”

Naritive believes in the power of storytelling in advertising and uses the Nat1ve platform to support brands in this endeavour. Naritive asserts that their assets, through quality and innovation, stimulate market-leading interaction rates that surpass traditional standard display banners.

“The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a radical transformation, and we are at the forefront of this change,” said Sonja Underwood Naritive MD. ” Ad Stories provide advertisers with a powerful tool to connect on a deeper level with their target audiences, allowing them to create truly interactive experiences.”

Ad Stories are more than just an ad format; they offer a unique opportunity for brands to tell their stories in a more engaging and interactive way. They are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern advertisers, who require more flexibility and customisation in their digital campaigns.

To learn more about Naritive and how Ad Stories can revolutionise your digital advertising campaigns, we invite you to explore our website at Discover how we’re reshaping the digital advertising landscape and creating new opportunities for businesses to engage with their audiences.

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