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Audience – Management and those with a leading business, creative, operational or technical role working in production and the immediate supply chain, whether in production companies, broadcasters, facilities or with senior freelance roles (please see below)

Editorial – A mix of surveys, reports, features and regular columns exploring themes from commissioning and development through capture and post to workflow and delivery (please see below)

Frequency – Quarterly (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter)

Average Pagination – 140+pages (2023)

Average Print Run – 5,150+ (2023)

Average Mailing on Publication – 4,650+ (2023: 4,580+ UK / 70+ overseas)

Target Mailing on Publication – 4,750+ (from Spring 2024)


Televisual now distributes far more magazines in print than any other UK trade title.

Televisual holds true to the belief that long form editorial works best in print and that a digital magazine’s (e-zine’s) engagement – that is time spent reading – represents a small fraction of print, while begging the question, ‘why not a web page?’

At their best, magazines offer deeper engagement – an opportunity to reflect – and inspiration when compared to time in front of the monitor. Within the right editorial context, magazines give advertisers the opportunity to more completely and memorably communicate their product, offer or service.

Televisual has always invested in premium, high value editorial that can be seen (and read) on every page within the magazine and maintained its editorial independence from its commercial activity. Through that investment and independence Televisual has earned the respect of its readers and is widely viewed as the ‘go to’ industry magazine and the de facto ‘voice of the UK production community’. Ask most industry executives what magazines they read and value and Televisual will surely come up, if not be the first they name. 40 years from launch, Televisual has published its biggest ever total pagination across the four Quarters of 2023, further demonstrating the enduring power of print and Televisual’s preeminence within the UK production community.

Almost all copies are sent out by post in the UK to senior management working in Indies, broadcasters, freelancers with senior roles and senior management and lead operators within the supply chain with a headline split (based on Autumn 2023) as follows:

  • Indies typically CEOs / Owners / MDs, HoPs, Creative Directors, Showrunners, EPs, PEs and resource management – 34%
  • Broadcasters & SVoDs typically working in similar in-house production roles to their Indie counterparts and commissioning departments – 12%
  • Senior Freelance Production Staff typically Showrunners, HoPs, Producers, Directors, PEs, PMs, Post and VFX Producers and PPSs – 18%
  • Senior Production Operators typically DoPs and Film Editors – 7%
  • Supply Chain including Post, VFX, Studios, Camera Rental and Live Production typically CEOs / Owners / MDs, CTOs, COOs, GMs, Heads of Department, Senior Engineers and Lead Operators, particularly Colourists, Recording Engineers and Compositors – 24%
  • Other including Consultants, PRs, Ad agency, Commercials Production EPs and Brand Film Production management – 5%

Televisual Factual FestivalTelevisual magazine is sent on paid subscription and as complimentary based on an individual’s specific role and by direct VIP invitation. Much of our distribution is still to home addresses, reflecting work in 2020 and 2021 to ‘get Televisual at home’, and where we were one of only two UK trade magazines that continued to print in Spring and Summer 2020.

COMMENT – The unique, binding aspect of Televisual’s distribution is that over 95% of recipients have a leading role in content creation. Within production and broadcast, Televisual’s distribution is defined by those who have a lead role in production and development. This defined distribution is also reflected in Televisual’s unique reach to freelance production staff with senior roles. Televisual’s reputation and distribution within the supply chain – and particularly post production – is beyond compare. You will find Televisual in almost all major UK production environments from Indies to broadcasters and from studios to post in the hands of senior production executives, on reception tables as a statement and on the desks in high-end finishing suites.


Televisual plays to the strength of the magazine format for long form, reflective (‘sit back’ and digest) content with an emphasis on benchmark industry surveys, reports and features alongside regular round-up columns. (Televisual has a powerful online channel for news in and where the currency of news is immediacy.) Over the course of the year Televisual serves the UK production community a rich and varied mix to keep them on top of their fast evolving and changing world, always with a view to identifying what’s new and what’s changed and who’s who and what they’ve worked on.

Televisual’s unique, benchmark SURVEYS form a core part of our Quarterly editorial offer and are well respected and well-known sub-brands of themselves including:

  • the Production 100 (the UK’s top Indies) in Winter
  • the Facilities 50 (UK post houses) in Autumn
  • and the Commercials 30 (the ad producers) in Spring

All of the three main surveys have been published annually for over three decades and are primary reference sources for anyone working in UK television, film and commercials. Over the course of the year we publish other surveys including the annual Top 10 Rental Cameras and more occasional surveys on salaries and production technology.

Televisual includes at least one Genre Report in every issue alongside our new Focus Reports. A Genre Report deconstructs the Commissioning and funding landscape for UK producers covering Live Production in Spring, Entertainment in Summer, Factual in Autumn and Drama in Winter.

And every issue has regular columns including our In Post and Storyboard where the editorial team curates the best new post, VFX and animation work.

Over the year Televisual has regular reports covering all the main production disciplines from TV and Film Studios through to Picture and Audio Post and VFX. Televisual is well known to the production community as the most detailed source of information about the supply chain and reporting on how each discipline has changed and evolved.

Televisual covers the changing shape of technology in every issue within topical reports. Over the past few years, Televisual was the first UK platform to express the relevance of HDR and Atmos HE to producers and the supply chain and probably the only magazine to express and comment on emerging new workflows (whether live, factual or drama or whether on premises, remote or cloud). This coverage is mostly in the form of detailed topical reports written to inform a broad audience from senior facilities business and technical management to creative directors and senior production staff with recent subjects including HETV workflows, the advent of the cloud, a holistic view on colour management and, now a regular theme, virtual production where the content is always from the vantage point of early adopters and lead practitioners, rather than technology vendors, although the latter underpin technology evolution.

Reporting on creativity is an essential ingredient of the Televisual editorial mix and apparent in the upfront In Post and Storyboard sections and so many of the reports, features and surveys we write including specific production case studies and The Art of strand that has included drama directors, cinematographers, production designers, colourists, recording engineers and editors.

Televisual MagazineAnd Televisual provides analysis of the issues of the day including the current skills deficit, traininginclusivity or sustainability while looking at significant industry developments ranging from the increasing importance of the post production supervisor or the increasing demand for in-house resources to changed production funding models and market change based on the changing demands from SVoDs following the ‘correction’ within an ever more relevant and impactful global context, and similarly the UK broadcasters reflecting reduced revenues and the Big Reset as the PSBs focus on the platform above the schedule.

Every survey, report or feature in Televisual has a sharp focus on what’s new and above all change. This single word informs almost everything Televisual publishes and to a surprising extent the same unerring focus differentiates Televisual from other industry media. The UK television and film sector exists in a world of ever-accelerating change from funding models through workflows and production methodology. Televisual is the trusted brand the UK production community congregates around for reliable, credible and comprehensive coverage of this change. There is no other magazine like Televisual that knows its audience or engages with the same with such critical commentary.

Another differentiator is the number of canvassed voices you can find in any one issue. Televisual’s surveys and reports are all written with the contribution of the UK’s leading practitioners that combined are truly representative of the executives and operators defining the UK production ecology. There is no other UK industry magazine that includes even a fraction of the number of opinions and observations from so many in any one issue. It is only through canvassing so many voices that trends and themes can take form.

Televisual’s EDITOR, Jon Creamer, has over two decades experience writing for and editing Televisual and works with an A List of industry editors, all with decades of relevant editorial experience including Associate Editor, Pippa Considine and regular contributors like Michael Burns, all of who have themselves been editors of media industry magazines.

Televisual is more relevant than ever with an editorial agenda shining a light on the medium to long term funding sources and prospects and future (HETV) production requirements and workflows as the sector continues to experience accelerated change.

With an average pagination over 140pages (in 2023) Televisual offers a rich and unique editorial mix that provides benchmark industry knowledge, champions creativity and provides inspiration while always being on the pulse for technology and workflow change within a fast-evolving industry.


Televisual holds a unique position within the UK production sector with the highest printed distribution and a uniquely balanced audience all connected by their direct involvement in content creation, predominantly for mid to high-end scripted and non-scripted television but also for film (now more closely linked to television drama) and commercials.

Add to this an always topical, relevant and compelling editorial context and Televisual offers technology companies and facilities by far the strongest industry media platform to tell a deeper story to an influential and engaged audience of senior operational, creative and technical management with considerable budget spend.

Televisual is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest advertising medium within the market but is without doubt the premium media brand in which to advertise production technology or facilities services and delivers by far the best value for money within this space. No other magazine has Televisual’s breadth of audience or level of editorial engagement.

Add to that Televisual’s quarterly frequency and extended shelf life that makes your advertising expenditure go that much, much further. That’s why Televisual attracts a consistent advertiser profile including the industry’s foremost technology companies, the UK’s leading resellers and uniquely a significant volume of studios, post and rental services. It would be a reasonable assumption that most of these companies know their customers and the level of Televisual’s engagement within the production community.

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