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This is a welcome page for those interested in Televisual and marketing to the UK production sector – whether in the form of advertising or sponsorship.

The Televisual difference is that Televisual is uniquely only and all about production from commission to final master and Televisual’s audience the management, producers, production executives and lead creative and technical operators who make this happen.

Televisual has often been described as ‘the voice of the UK production community’ and ‘the industry bible’. This and the accompanying pages within the ABOUT section provide plenty of detail about Televisual magazine and televisual.com

To find out more about Televisual magazine’s readers and editorial context, please go to the TELEVISUAL MAGAZINE page.

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Televisual is however much more than just the finest magazine and website for the UK production community. As you would expect from the UK’s leading media brand, Televisual is active in many other areas including industry events, its own awards, additional magazines and film production. You can read a little about these additional products with some helpful links as you scroll down this page, including:

  • The unique Televisual Bulldog Awards programme which has also been running for over two decades
  • Televisual VIP events including bespoke Heads of … Roundtables, the Future of Post and the Televisual Village Fete
  • Televisual bespoke advocacy marketing including research, design and fulfilment of magazines or case study advertising
  • And Televisual’s own and third-party film production

Every magazine, event, film or marketing product is delivered with care and attention which is why Televisual has a uniquely loyal customer base. As the adage has it, ‘respect is earned’.

Televisual Bulldog Awards


Now in its twenty-fifth year, the Televisual Bulldog Awards celebrate the best of UK television within a unique format and agenda where the UK production community votes for the best UK programmes from the previous year. There are three stages to the awards:

  • There are 15 categories with six choices per category for television shows first shown between July 2023 and June 2024. This shortlist is curated by Televisual’s Editor and published within the Televisual Nominations supplement (which is sent out with Autumn’s Televisual) you can see HERE with voting online within the Nominations microsite.
  • The Televisual Bulldog Awards winners are announced online in mid-Autumn within an updated Winners microsite you can see HERE, and the winners interviewed within a special Televisual supplement that goes out with the Winter issue called The Inspiration Behind Great Television that you can see HERE.
  • The final part of the programme is the exceptionally well-loved Televisual Bulldog Awards Gala Dinner. Rather than another prize-giving with tables sold based on paid-for shortlists, the dinner is an opportunity to celebrate all that’s good in UK television with an exclusive event for sponsors and winners at the fabulous ballroom at the Hotel Café Royal in early December. (This year the dinner will run on 10th December 2024.)

The Televisual Bulldog Awards deliver industry-wide recognition and enhances the reputation of everyone involved – winners, nominees and sponsors. Through direct and memorable association sponsors can get much closer to their core customers while the wider Televisual community has its say about the best television of the previous year.

Please email james@televisual.com for a sponsorship prospectus.


Televisual hosts regular technology events from private sponsored networking dinners – the Televisual Roundtables – to larger free-to-attend (by VIP invitation) production technology events like the ever-popular Future of Post and HDR in Production events in Soho and more occasionally in other UK cities.

Sponsoring a Televisual Roundtable includes a private dinner (most regularly at the Groucho Club last year) with ten or more CEO/MDs and/or CTO/TDs from leading post and VFX houses for a two-and-a-half hour discussion around an agreed topic. The dialogue is then transcribed and a four-page report published in the next issue including sponsor branding and the report later published online at televisual.com. Sponsors are able to get much closer to their larger customers and understand their challenges and opportunities while being visible within the magazine, including logo and boilerplate copy as well as being part of the conversation.

Previous Future of Post events have covered topics such as High Dynamic Range, media storage and the cloud. Televisual’s technology events are exceptionally well-attended by small numbers (around 150) of the right people from the largest production and post companies. Our last Future of Post was attended by a VIP invited audience with over 50 post houses attending at MD or CTO level. (That’s more UK post houses than attend most UK or international trade shows and in numbers where you can meet all of the delegates and even demonstrate your kit within a relaxed and friendly environment).

In July 2021, Televisual launched an outdoor event called the Televisual Village Fete. It proved to be an extraordinarily popular event (with over 70 post houses attending at a director level in the first year and most recently over 100 companies in the Summer of 2023). You can see a short film of the first event HERE.

Televisual followed this up in late June 2022 and firmly established the Televisual Village Fete as a much loved annual event with over 300 post executives in addition to our loyal sponsors. You can see the 2022 short film, edited and mastered in 4K HDR at the event HERE.

And you can see the 2023 film HERE where although the weather was, ahem, unhelpful it was still attended by the over 350 people including 170 Post MDs/ CEOs and Technical Directors/CTOs from over 100 post and VFX companies.

Please email james@televisual.com to find out more about sponsoring The Televisual Village Fete or the Televisual Roundtables.

Televisual Advocacy Case Studies


Every Quarter Televisual works with technology vendors, resellers and facilities to create compelling double page spread case studies with work including research, interviews, copy-writing and design (with the customer receiving all assets) with a broad range of recent customers including The Look, Narduzzo Too, Sky Production Services, Jam VFX, Sony, Sandisk, HHB (for Avid), ERA, Exacta, Escape Technology (for HP and Nvidia) and pixitmedia. Televisual’s detailed understanding of marketing messages and imperatives combined with our knowledge of what the service or product actually represents (and what sets it apart) and our contact network gives us stand-out appeal and where Televisual is the natural home for engaging with and informing the production and post community about stand-out projects and technology change.

Televisual Advocacy Case StudiesOn a grander level, Televisual has published many bespoke magazines over the years for customers including Sony (The Producer and many other one-off magazines), Avid (Create) and one-off magazines for facilities companies like Molinare and OnSight.

More recently we have published (and recommend) extended profiles for new facilities within the main body of the magazine with recent examples including for Mission (on their tenth anniversary in Winter 2021), Splice (for their new Nile Street building in Spring 2022), The Finish Line and Vaudeville (in Spring 2023), Molinare at 50 (in Autumn 2023) and Yellowmoon (in Winter 2023). The model includes funding from the post house supported by a variety of leading suppliers.

Please email james@televisual.com to explore how we can increase your engagement with Televisual’s audience.


Televisual has been producing editorial films for over a decade and in December 2021 and January 2022 ramped up film production with a series of a dozen films called the Televisual Factual Films. Most of the films are about factual television commissioning with interviews with leading commissioners from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, A+E Networks UK and Discovery UK and Ireland. These films sit alongside curated content within a dedicated ‘Watch’ page.

You can find all of the Televisual Factual Films alongside third-party content at WWW.TELEVISUAL.COM/WATCH


Or films about the animation and audio for The Amazing Maurice you can find HERE and HERE

Televisual would love to extend this offer to encompass other genres and themes and is always open to discussing content opportunities and third-party funding.

Televisual also produces films for third-party customers which are based on either advocacy marketing or product launches. Over the past decade Televisual has produced hundreds of short films for leading international technology companies, many involving the production of a (second) short drama film or beauty reel to demonstrate product benefits. Customers have included Sony, Fujinon, Canon, Zeiss, Panasonic and Escape Technology. These films have been extensively shown at industry trade shows (like IBC, the BSC Expo and NAB) as well as at international film festivals, almost always now in HDR and sometimes as DCPs. Producing these films – employing the latest technology and workflows and working with many of the UK’s leading creative operators – has given Televisual a unique understanding of what really happens on set or in post and helps inform Televisual’s editorial.

You can see a selection of films at TELEVISUAL CREATIVE HERE

Please contact james@televisual.com who can present incredibly well-priced options with extraordinarily compelling outcomes.


Televisual Media UK believes that industry communities turn to magazines to better understand business, creative and technology trends and the industry’s evolution within a long form agenda-setting context. Playing to this “sit back” approach in print means a more engaged and consequently informed readership. Televisual’s readers spend up to an hour reading Televisual magazine and regularly come back to the magazine for insight, inspiration and benchmark knowledge. This in turn allows Televisual’s advertisers to ‘tell a product or brand story’ and where Televisual works with brands to help them tell their own story through advocacy marketing pieces.

Televisual takes the view that the same communities turn to online media for industry news, visual inspiration and to search for specific content. This belief underpins this televisual.com website. It is broadly the same Televisual community that we have engaged and inspired in print over the past three-and-a-half decades that comes back to televisual.com time and again.

The strength of the Televisual brand and audience engagement is further articulated by Televisual events. Televisual’s engagement with UK post production has no equal whether through the Future of Post and Televisual Roundtable events or more recently the Televisual Village Fete. The unique Televisual Bulldog Awards is a perfect example of delivering customer engagement in a unique, personal and memorable way. Televisual events are always attended by the cream of a given specialism or discipline and can rightly be described as VIP.

Every magazine, supplement, film, event or creative marketing project that Televisual delivers is fulfilled in the context of detailed industry knowledge, with creative flair and in conjunction with the very best in the business.

Televisual always more than delivers on promise. And this is why Televisual has the most loyal customer base of any media platform in the industry.


Talk to James about how best to integrate print, online and events and you’ll be surprised what Televisual can deliver.

Email james@televisual.com today and connect with your market.

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