The Spring Issue

The Televisual Spring 2024 issue is out now.

Inside you’ll find our landmark 2024 Commercials 30 survey; our genre report on Live TV; a roundtable on cyber security in post and production; a feature on the state of play in the film studios sector; focus reports on large-scale entertainment formats and sports docs; a look at the onward march of Atmos; our Top 10 Camera Rental survey; a behind the scenes look at 20 Days in Mariupol as well as a BTS piece on Mary and George plus all the best recent work in post and vfx.

Commercials 30

Jon Creamer introduces Televisual’s 30th exclusive annual survey of the best ad makers in the business including Best in Show, the industry’s favourite directors, ads, agencies, post houses and more and the top 30 itself, the top commercials houses in the UK and their thoughts on the year ahead.

Genre report: Live TV

While most genres have hit hard times of late, live TV sports and events are booming. And with a major summer of sport ahead, there’s more to come

Film studios: stage fright

The past few years saw an unprecedented boom in the building and extending of UK film studios, but the US actors’ and writers’ strikes served to dampen down the mood

Cyber security: roundtable

Televisual hosted a dinner to discuss the challenges for UK post and production around cyber security. The event followed three recent, though all thwarted, ransomware attacks on UK post houses

Big entertainment formats

How both the terrestrial broadcasters and the streamers have been making big bets recently on scaled up mega formats

State of play: sports docs

Sports docs have been on an unstoppable rise. For producers, the trick now is to keep finding new angles, new precincts and new formats

Speed of sound: Atmos

How far and how fast has Dolby Atmos immersed itself in audio post across the genres and across the budgets

The top 10 cameras

Televisual’s annual list of the UK’s most hired pro cameras is now in its 18th year. Jon Creamer counts down the most in-demand models

20 days in Mariupol

How 20 Days in Mariupol editor and producer, Michelle Mizner, worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning video journalist Mstyslav Chernov to take 40 hours of rushes and find a way through

Mary and George

How Mary And George’s D.C. Moore and Liza Marshall brought a big screen sensibility to a small screen period drama

In post & Storyboard

A showcase of recent work from Aardman, MPC, BlueBolt and more

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