The Summer Issue

Natural History TV

The climate for natural history programmes is currently very healthy with more and more buyers in the market. Pippa Considine reports

The Genre Report: Entertainment TV

Entertainment TV has seen a wave of fresh formats, and the streamers are taking notice of the genre too. Tim Dams reports

The Art of the Director

Five of the best directors in the industry right now tell Jon Creamer about the art and craft of high end TV and film directing

All Together Now

Diversity and inclusivity have fought their way up the agenda in TV over recent years, and while solid work has been done, there’s a way to go yet. Pippa Considine reports

Cut it Fine

The editors of three of the winning productions from the BFE’s Cut Above Awards explain what it took to create an award-winning edit. Jon Creamer reports

VFX: Above and Beyond

For the vfx industry, working almost entirely in the cloud with talent spread out across the globe has become more and more common in recent years. Andy Stout reports

Live Event TV

Live events are becoming ever more complex to produce for TV. Jon Creamer reports on plans for some of the biggest UK events of the summer schedule

Roundtable: Post

A roundtable discussion with post houses across the board on how post is adopting changed workflows by design rather than necessity

Television studios

Tim Dams takes a look at the UK’s shiny floor TV studios market, currently buzzing from the Covid bounce back and increasingly spreading out across the whole UK

Volume control

Michael Burns asks the experts working at the thick end of virtual production  right now for their advice on how to use it to its best effect


Streamers: Is AVOD the next top model?

With the streamers’ subscriber numbers under pressure, are ads the future?


Listen Up: Dolby Atmos design

The fundamental rules to follow when designing an audio suite that can handle Dolby Atmos. Kevin Hilton reports

Monster Mash

A look at the evolution of Apple TV+’s epic Prehistoric Planet

Out of the Woods

A look behind the scenes of House Productions’  Sherwood

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Dolly Alderton’s comedy drama on the trials and tribulations of navigating your twenties

In Post and Storyboard

Recent work from Framestore, Vine FX, One Of Us, BlueBolt, Splice, Fifty Fifty and more

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