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Scroll down to explore the available advertising options for this web site, including options to run sponsored case studies within our FEATURES pages and a NEW offer to sponsor Televisual Films and with the first films already posted on the FEATURES pages.


Televisual is a firmly established, well-respected and much-loved brand that has become synonymous with the UK production community. Televisual magazine has a loyal and engaged audience from broadcaster and studio through production company and facility and all those with leading roles who work professionally in moving image content creation for television, film and commercials applications.

All of the content on is open access and directly linked to and compliments the magazine brand. Where Televisual magazine plays to the strength of a Quarterly thoughtful read lead by benchmark reports and surveys, the Televisual website leads with daily news from across the UK production sector with the addition of unique features and exclusive video content. Please explore the site, including’s new Watch pages with exclusive Televisual Films and curated content and’s Features pages including content re-purposed from the magazine, unique online editorial posts and sponsored articles.

This website was revamped back in Spring 2020 and has seen ever-increasing traffic rates every month since with traffic now above 120,000page impressions per calendar month.

Traffic to the site is predominantly driven by our social media (X / Twitter) channel where we have over 16,500 followers and from our daily Newsletters where the data is purged of all persistent bounces and out of date contacts every fortnight with over 9,000 fully qualified recipients.  Because the site is open access and doesn’t require any subscription or registration, Televisual is unable to provide a detailed audited demographic profile. However, Televisual understands the profile of our Twitter followers and Newsletter sign-ups and this is broadly in line with our magazine circulation demographic.

You can see a full breakdown of Televisual magazine’s readers within the TELEVISUAL MAGAZINE page HERE

ADVERTISING OPTIONS & DISCOUNTS offers Banner and MPU advertising based on fixed sites for fixed periods (by calendar month). You can refresh or change your banner within any fixed periods as often as you would like. Televisual also offers sponsored features where you can tell a more complete story including images and embedded video.

BANNERS (728x90pixels)

The majority of the traffic comes to the News pages (80+%) with the Home, Features and ‘Other’ pages (combined just shy of 20% of traffic) sold together. Banners are sold as Top, Second or Third placement based on descending prominence (ranking) on the site.

MPUS (300×169/300/600pixels)

The advertising running on the right-hand side of the site is always the same whether News, Home, Features or other. Advertising is priced based on size, ranking (top to bottom) and length of placement.

There are three size options to choose from:

300x169pixels (16×9)

300x300pixels (square)

300x600pixels (portrait)


Televisual offers sponsored ‘Features’ placement that sit alongside our own on the FEATURES pages. You can see a wide selection of sponsored Features HERE. This allows you to run content with images and even video from this site. Barring the “sponsored by” message at the top of the story is treated as one of our own Features including being tweeted on posting and prominently included within our Newsletters. They have become increasingly popular over 2022 as unlike a Banner they offer deeper engagement.

Televisual Feature works as follows

  • it is posted as a news story on day one and then runs within the ‘Features’ section on the Home Page for at least a week.
  • it is tweeted multiple times on first posting over the following 48 hours. (Our twitter feed has 16K followers) 
  • it is included in our Daily Newsletter within the top four stories on Day 1 and then further down the newsletter on Days 2 and 3. (The Daily newsletter is sent to a constantly purged database of just under 9,000 qualified industry executives.)

To tun a Televisual Feature you would need:

  • Body text clearly expressing the premise and your offer (an absolute max 500 words is recommended and ideally 300. Televisual can advise and help with copy)
  • Strong clear headline to length (see online examples)
  • A strong main image that ‘talks’ to the subject and ideally subsidiary images to run within the Feature. You can also include embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • And you have the option to run embedded video content if we have a Vimeo or YouTube link
  • A clear call to action and contact details


Televisual recently ran a series of ‘editorial’ films – the Televisual Factual Films. This films explored  factual television commissioning with 12 films in total (covering the BBC, Channel 4 x 2, ITV, Channel 5 x 2, Sky, A+E TV Networks UK, Discovery UK) and a further two within the same series exploring producers views about the future and an anatomy of a major factual production. All of the films are open access on this site. Viewing figures have been in excess of 1,000 per film with an average viewing of around 800.

You can see the films within a new online page – WWW.TELEVISUAL.COM/WATCH –  and a teaser short for a behind the scenes film exploring Nutopia’s mega-doc Welcome To Earth HERE

Televisual offers a new sponsorship model to support editorial films and would like to discuss this with interested parties.  Sponsorship is overt at both the front and back of the films. Please contact if you are interested in being part of what should prove a very compelling new offer.



All Pages, excluding news pcm

News Pages pcm

All Pages pcm

Leaderboard Banner
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Second Banner
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Third Banner
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Top MPU (News Pages only)

Second MPU (ALL pages)

Third MPU (ALL pages)

Fourth MPU (ALL pages)

Fifth MPU (ALL pages)

Sixth MPU (ALL pages)

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Ninth MPU (ALL pages)



























A Televisual Feature is £750 per post, including sharing through channels and social media


Discounts are available for regular placement and longer campaigns:

  • 5% for three months
  • 10% for six months
  • 15% for nine months
  • 20% for twelve months

We are always happy to discuss multiple placements across the site and will work with you to find the most attractive package.

Agency Discounts are 10%


Televisual sends out a daily Newsletter with a summary of the day’s news stories, each linking to the relevant story on the News or Features pages. The email is sent to over 9,000 qualified individuals (as of July 2023). Because we don’t send out spam, we have very few unsubscribes and only use the data for Newsletters or to promote Televisual events and content. The data is regularly purged on a fortnightly basis removing all consistent bounced emails.

Sponsorship of the Newsletter is exclusive. Open rates are high (running at over 51%, as of July 2023, a holiday month) as are click rates (at up to 8%). This is exceptionally high against a like-for-like comparison of 34% Open Rates and 1% Click Through Rates.

Sponsorship takes the form of a Banner running across the top of the Newsletter. The Banner is 568 pixels wide x 190 pixels high

Banner at top of Newsletter
                                                           £395 per insertion

Discounts available for multiple insertions across the month or year

All rates are quoted excluding VAT



Banners on the main site are 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels high for both the web site and daily newsletters

The MPUs (running down the right-hand side of the site) for the Home, News and Feature Pages (all sold together or uniquely the top button on the News Pages only) are all 300 pixels wide x 169, 300 or 600 pixels high. For best image reproduction, we recommend delivering the MPUs (only) as 600 pixels wide x 338, 600 or 1,200 pixels high. (The WordPress system automatically scales the MPU to fit.)

Newsletter Banners are 568 pixels wide x 190 pixels high


Please supply as RGB @ 72dpi .gif/.jpg, .png or .swf files


50Kb for Banners or MPUs unless previously agreed in which case please expect a premium as overly large files will slow down the overall visitor experience.


Please remember to include your link at the same time as providing your Banner or MPU.


You can change your Banners and MPUs as often as you’d like (within reason).

Please send all mechanicals to



James Bennett


RH 09