Drylab is a next generation, on set production tool and dailies distribution platform, that is utilising cutting-edge technology to enhance the production process from pre to post.

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To participate at the highest international level and compete for an Oscar and in Cannes, then everything must work at all levels. Drylab gave us the best system we have ever used, including great integration with the post-production pipeline.

Thomas Robsahm, Producer of Double Oscar-nominated, The Worst Person in the World


For Directors

Viewer supports the Director’s creative intent by giving them access to all of the day’s shots in an easy to navigate and intuitively presented format. Being able to find any take in under five seconds allows the Director to instantly review and discuss creative, continuity and coverage issues with the Script Supervisor, the DoP and HoDs. 

For Script Supervisors

Set Report preserves all your highly valuable script supervisor notes by attaching them to each take during the shoot. Automatically generated script reports save the Script Supervisor significant time each day. This means the most important information about each take is distributed directly to the creatives that need it most (the editorial team)

For Filmmakers

Rough Cuts is a revolutionary on-the-go editorial solution within Drylab that enables you to make immediate and simple edits of your takes at any given time. Whether on set, off set or completely offline, Rough Cuts provides visibility of your takes in context, helping you check continuity and blocking, fix VFX issues or identify if more coverage is required for a scene.

For The Whole Production Team

Drylab’s powerful metadata search engine enables anyone to find any take in under five seconds, providing immediacy, certainty and clarity of critical information coming from closest to the lens. Creative teams benefit using Drylab ‘on set’ for collaboration, reviewing and problem solving, whilst business teams (such as producers, executives, financiers, distributors, etc.) are able to see dailies using the most intuitive and easy-to-use platform in the market.


Viewer fits easily into existing workflows without introducing unnecessary communication or clutter while saving you time. It works both on set, off set, and completely offline, and allows you to both stream and securely download your material. It’s extremely easy to use. You’ll be up and running in minutes. Viewer is as useful on set as it is in post-production. First, you will appreciate the immediate access to clips and metadata from today’s shoot. In post, you can keep track of progress and make sure nothing unintended ends up on the editing floor.

  • Find clips by scene, day, shot, take, tag (e.g. circled) or full-text search
  • Encryption, DRM, watermarks and two-factor authentication
  • Use on iPad and iPhone, or in a browser on your PC, Mac or Android device
  • Distribute on set even on remote locations, and automatically switch to cloud when you’re back online.


Set Report is an intuitive, easy to learn application that allows you to work the way you’re used to; lining your scripts on paper while you keep focus on the action. Set Report gets important shot and take data through to producers, editors and VFX, without changing the way you work. Write your reports while you shoot, saving you time every night.

It takes me just seconds to find references I need for costume, make up or dialogue. So even though I prefer to line my scripts like I always have, I will never go back to paper reports.

Aslaug Konradsdottir, Script Supervisor of The Hurt Locker

  • Use split-screen multitasking to work with other iPad apps
  • Store your projects on your device, iCloud, Dropbox, or any cloud provider
  • Share beautiful reports and metadata using email, AirDrop, or any other iOS supported sharing mechanism
  • Export metadata to Drylab Viewer, Silverstack and post production
  • Only the data you need – choose which fields are relevant on your production
  • Use the input method that’s best for you: screen, keyboard, trackpad or Apple Pencil


Rough Cuts is a new extension tool within Viewer that allows you to easily edit your rushes in a dailies platform. It is a unique tool that gives instant visibility of your day’s shoot so that you can check you have all the material you need whilst on set. With an intuitive drag ‘n’ drop feature you can pull and assemble your takes from Viewer’s display onto a new linear timeline.

We saved two editing assistants during shooting, and 5 man months.  We logged 7 shooting days, in just one day

Marcus B. Brodersen, Post Producer of The Heavy Water War

Rough Cuts adheres to studio security protocols by creating .edl files which you can share with your editorial team for approval and feedback using any sharing platform you desire.

  • Improves creative control on and off set
  • Assemble any sequence you desire
  • Check scene continuity and coverage Provides an advance view of the edit Securely shared as .edl files

Jon Creamer

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