A lot of industry hopes are pinned on stereoscopic 3d this year, with a sizeable selection of production and post outfits having invested heavily in cameras, 3d rigs, stereoscopic fixing and finishing systems, and so on, over the last six to 12 months.

And while stereo 3d is proving a draw for cinemagoers, with five of the top 10 films of 2010 in the States having been made in 3d (including Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon), it’s a less rosy story when it comes to 3d TVs.

Reportedly, only two percent of all TVs sold last year worldwide were 3d models, while even modest estimations beforehand had anticipated 3d TVs representing at least five percent of total sales.

This isn’t completely surprising when you look at what’s available to watch for owners of 3d TVs – a solitary Sky channel and a small assortment of expensive 3d Blu-Rays (assuming you’ve also invested in a 3d Blu-Ray player).

However, things are looking up. Market intelligence company iSuppli predicts that bv the end of 2011, sales of 3d sets will have tripled compared to 2010, to about 12 million sets and by 2015, almost 80 million 3d TVs will have been sold.

Furthermore, stereo 3d company 3ality Digital’s CEO, Steve Schklair, who’s a bit of a 3d guru, has issued a series of predictions for 3d in 2011, and they reveal a wide variety of potential opportunities. Obviously, he’s a vested interest in stereo 3d being successful, but his predictions make interesting reading:
1. Passive viewing 3d TVs will become widely available
2. Episodic television series will begin shooting in 3d
3. The first sporting event will shoot with only one crew on the field (3d) instead of two crews (2d and 3d). The one crew will transmit both the 2d and 3d images
4. The Super Bowl will be broadcast in 3d (early 2012)
5. Mobile devices – smartphones, gaming devices and tablets (including the 3d overlay for iPad screens) will hit the market and energise both 3d gaming and shorter-form scripted entertainment.
6. There will be outdoor entertainment and advertising with giant 3d LED screens
7. Affordable consumer 3d video cameras will become available

You can read a Televisual interview with Steve Schklair at IBC here

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