ScreenCraft Works has announced its Spring 2023 cross-border mentee-mentor matches, supporting under-represented production and post talent.

The Spring 2023 cohort comes together for ScreenCraft Works’ third Cross-Border Mentoring programme, designed to build transnational relationships and enrich local and international careers, with a focus on strengthening industry relationships across diaspora and original homeland communities.

28 mentees have been matched with 28 volunteer mentors from another country, based on their career aspirations. With a focus on jobs that can be conducted remotely or hybrid, the group includes the roles of editor, audio post-production, composer, production manager, writer, costume designer, producer and filmmakers working across several roles.

Mentees include displaced people trying to integrate into the film & TV industry of their country of refuge, having fled conflict and persecution, and those who seek support to navigate social codes and unconscious bias, including when using a second language.
Co-directors Rebecca del Tufo & Elizabeth McIntyre say: ‘We are looking forward to seeing new ways of thinking and new knowledge exchange between international film & TV craftspeople across diaspora and original homeland communities, along with other inspiring matches from 25 countries. We are grateful to our volunteer mentors, and our mentoring scheme supporter Brunel University London’.

Approximately 70% of the mentees identify as women or other marginalised genders. The group includes people with a disability (approximately 20%), those from the LGBTQIA+ community (approximately 25%) and those with caring responsibilities. The mentees describe a broad range of ethnic, cultural and belief backgrounds. They span all career stages and include those choosing to build their career in a new country.

The selected mentees and mentors are from the following 25 countries and/or nationalities: Bangladesh, Canada, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Rwanda, Scotland, Spain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Uganda, USA, Vietnam.

Spring 2023 Mentee-Mentor Matches 

Mentee: Jack Goessens, editor (Netherlands, UK)
Mentor: Stephanie Filo, editor (USA)
Mentee: Jendayi Omowale, filmmaker, writer, academic (Jamaica, USA, UK)
Mentor: Roberta Bononi, editor (Italy, UK)
Mentee: Santiago Piqueras Ricote, assistant editor (Spain, France, UK)
Mentor: Naomi Smallwood, editor (UK)
Mentee: Sebastian Harwood, aspiring editor (UK)
Mentor: Kristine Kral, editor (USA, UK)
Mentee: Vignesh Balasubramaniam, editor (India, UK)
Mentor: Rachel Erskine, editor (UK)

Audio post production
Mentee: Elise Marra, audio post student (UK)
Mentor: Juli Saragosa, sound designer, artist (Germany)
Mentee: Michela De Nichilo, sound designer (Italy, UK)
Mentor: Eric Horstmann, sound engineer, business manager (Germany)
Mentee: Paul Bolding, sound engineer (UK)
Mentor: Daniel Hellenberg, sound engineer (South Africa)

Mentee: Lisa Farrell-Tonge, composer, sound designer (UK)
Mentor: Stacey-Lee Hellenberg, sound engineer (South Africa)
Mentee: Richard Edwards, composer (UK)
Mentor: Tangelene Bolton, composer (USA)
Peer: Liz Horsman, composer, sound engineer (UK)
Peer: Matilda Bådagård, composer, musician (Sweden)
Production management
Mentee: Jamila Melbourne, production coordinator (UK)
Mentor: Lena Horn, production manager (Germany)

Mentee: Rachel Chin, writer (Jamaica, Canada)
Mentor: Marie Hanhnhon Nguyen, writer (Vietnam, USA)
Costume design
Mentor: Katie Ireland, costume designer (Northern Ireland)
Mentee: Susan Kulkarni, costume designer (UK)

Production & Development
Mentee: Abigail Burgess, researcher (UK)
Mentor: Lucas Fothergill, assistant producer (UK, Canada)
Mentee: Alexandra Krampe, producer (Germany)
Mentor: Joel Wilson, producer (UK)
Mentee: Carol Ann Noronha, producer (Pakistan)
Mentor: Yu-Fai Suen, producer (UK)
Mentee: Domenico Palomba, aspiring producer (Italy, UK)
Mentor: Gerardine O’Flynn, post-production, production management (Ireland, UK)
Mentee: Humnah Abdullah, producer (UK)
Mentor: Sara Fazilat, actor, writer, producer (Iran, UK, Germany)
Mentee: Paula Nimaro, researcher (Uganda, UK)
Mentor: Michela Giorelli, channel executive (Italy, USA)
Mentee: Vonnie Larsson, producer, director (Sweden, UK)
Mentor: Colin Pons, producer (UK)

Mentee: Ashley Dalley, writer, content creator (Jamaica)
Mentor: Nataylia Roni, social entrepreneur (UK)
Mentee: Ashley Parsons, writer, director (Ireland)
Mentor: Stéphanie Joalland, writer, producer, director (France, UK)
Mentee: Claude Niyomugabo, producer, director (Rwanda, UK)
Mentor: Sean McConville, producer (UK)
Mentee: Cylindian Goodchild, production assistant (Jamaica)
Mentor: Gladys San Juan, producer (UK)
Mentee: Natasha Griffiths, writer, director, lecturer (Jamaica)
Mentor: Ewan Vinnicombe Wallis, executive producer (UK)
Mentee: Sarim Akbar, aspiring writer, director (Pakistan, Canada)
Mentor: Rachel Wood, screen educator (UK)
Mentee: Stephanie Hazle Lyle, writer, director (Jamaica)
Mentor: Hannah Beaugeard, producer (UK)


Pippa Considine

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