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Welcome to Racoon – an online platform providing all the offline, finishing and mastering services you would expect from a traditional facility, but in a far more efficient, agile, scalable and sustainable manner. Housing our technology inside a private secure cloud is a game changer.

Racoon is the brainchild of the former management team of The Farm. David (klaf) Klafkowski, Jack Edney, Charlotte Layton, David Logsdon and Adam Peat are joined by Manoela Tavares. Our collective understanding of post production places us in the unique position to drive the change. Freed from legacy, we offer true innovation that will evolve how we all think of post production.

We are here to support individual productions or entire businesses’ post production needs, wherever needed; in our space, in your office, in your creatives’ homes, or out on location – contact us to onboard and join the Racoon community.

As you would expect from us, we create and support workflows and pipelines unique to your needs, allowing you to focus on creativity. Wherever you are based, you and your team can collaborate seamlessly, with us right there, virtually, at your side with all the help you need.

Our editing user experience is second to none as we have enhanced the performance by shaving off a few vital milliseconds of latency. Our ability to spin up additional work stations in minutes waves goodbye to that painful hunt for rooms when your editing schedules habitually overrun. Precious content has never been in a more secure environment and being globally connected we enable customers to truly work with who they want, where they want, when they want.

As Racoon’s founders, we take our responsibility to drive much needed change in how our industry works, both operationally and culturally. Embracing new methodology and technology allows us to really tackle the challenges the media sector faces.

Increasing fixed costs, decreasing budgets, the move to decentralise the industry from London, the shortage of skills and unsupportive culture many of us find so challenging all point to an absolute need to rethink how we serve up post production to our programme makers.

Utilising clever tech to enable change in working practices is all well and good, but without user buy-in it’s redundant. Our ethos is to provide programme makers with access to all the toolsets and most importantly the talent and workflow advice they need to make their content in a more flexible manner, wherever they may be.

Our innovation will help lead the cultural and behavioural change that our industry so desperately needs to improve working practices and support a far more healthy & balanced environment & working life for all, whatever your role.

Get in touch to onboard with the platform; info@oneracoon.com






Jon Creamer

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