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In an era where the demand for portable, high-capacity power solutions is ever-increasing, Rampart has announced the launch of its new 26v floor battery the Rampart (MXB-R1000).

A leap forward from the acclaimed Hawk- Woods’ X-Boxx series, the Rampart sets a new standard in the realm of professional-grade power supplies.

Designed with the needs of professional cinematographers, photographers, and videographers in mind, the Rampart ensures that powering high voltage camera systems and other demanding equipment is never a concern, regardless of the setting. Whether on a bustling film set, a remote photo shoot, or amidst the challenges of an outdoor project, the Rampart stands as a beacon of reliability and continuous power supply.

Giant Battery Capacity: Boasting a 1000Wh energy capacity, the Rampart promises extended operation times, ensuring that your equipment keeps running without interruption.

26v Nominal Voltage: Perfect for delivery clean 26v power to demanding equipment, avoid the need to regulate the voltage like other floor batteries on the market. Removing the need of regulation reduces the strain on the cells and improves the longevity of the battery. Perfectly designed to power dedicated 26v equipment, with the power being supplied via two XLR 3-pin outputs.

12V Regulated Voltage: Is great when you require additional power equipment running at lower voltages. Two XLR 4-pin outputs will step down the nominal voltage down to 12v.

Lightweight & Compact Design: Weighing in at only 9.2kg, its design emphasises portability without compromising on power, enabling unparalleled mobility on set.

Built-In Charger: The Rampart redefines convenience with its integrated charger, facilitating full recharge within 8 hours from mains power.

LCD Display: An intuitive LCD display provides real-time data on power usage and remaining run-times, keeping you informed and prepared.

Durability and Safety: Housed in an Aluminium plate with EPDM Rubber side panels, it is engineered for the demands of professional use, safeguarded against over-voltage, over-current, and high temperatures.

Versatile Mounting Options: Integration is seamless with a built-in carry handle and an optional cheese plate handle accessory, facilitating compatibility with third-party equipment. The cheese plate handle accessory is sold separately.

For further information, please contact:
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Pippa Considine

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