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In-the-know production companies have been working with The Finish Line and Vaudeville Sound Group for some time, in some cases for a decade or more. It is creative post with a difference; bringing boutique picture and audio finishing all together where it should be, in the production office.

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Many production companies have their own cutting rooms and media management, with final post outsourced to a third-party post house.

Not many have completed picture and audio finishing, where the downsides are considerable. Media management is challenging and complex and requires a dedicated support team with specific technical knowhow. Picture and audio finishing are both craft skills. Creative finishing talent comes with a price tag, and no one colourist or mixer is right for all projects. Building (and maintaining) an audio or grading room is expensive.

Hawking: Can You Hear Me?, Atlantic Productions

“This was a truly excellent service and now I will struggle to use any other post facility because your team is so talented, flexible, enthusiastic, show great love for their work and deliver impeccably every time no matter how complex it gets. Also, The Finish Line & Vaudeville partnership is exemplary, seamless and very contemporary.”

Katie Davies, Head of Production, Atlantic Productions


American Murder: The Family Next Door Knickerbockerglory for Netflix


The Finish Line and Vaudeville Sound Group offer an attractive alternative to the traditional third-party post model, as the client testimonials on their new website – embed-post.com – bear testament. Combined, they bring all the benefits of running a full inhouse post service, providing picture and audio finishing where and when required, without any of the complexities or downsides.

The Finish Line has 12 talented finishing artists (highly technical senior colourists) to choose from, who are then assigned projects and take full ownership of picture through final post. Backed by the post house’ elegant and robust remote working infrastructure and team of finishing assistants who can support a production from pre-planning through to mastering, QC and delivery.

Vaudeville Sound Group works in the same boutique way. With up to 50 freelance mixers on its books, Vaudeville can curate a shortlist for the execs and the director to choose from based on the project needs.


Diana The Girl From Norfolk, October Films

“Working with Vaudeville and The Finish Line is about more than just good post production. They have a wide-ranging talent base which enables the team to select who they work with. Having them conveniently housed on site means regular contact with the team which enables clearer communication from the very start of production and significant cost efficiencies.”

Jane Manning, Production and Operations Director, October Films


For producers, both companies can manage most of the work remotely – either at home or for audio in Vaudeville’s offices, including Atmos HE, in central London, the US or Canada – before setting up embedded facilities within the Indie’s offices. For those companies with sufficient throughput, these facilities can be more permanent, while having the advantage of being centrally supported.

Working backwards from the deliverables, the two specialist facilities work together to design and implement the best possible workflow for the production, supporting the producers from pre-production to final delivery to the highest specifications (Dolby Vision/Atmos), with one post producer as a dedicated point of contact. Better still this approach is time and cost-effective, allowing the production team to focus on the series or film and direct more of the budget into creative fulfilment.

Find out how working together Vaudeville and The Finish Line can revolutionise your post workflows at https://embed-post.com

Who Do You Think You Are?  Wall to Wall




Flanders Scientific Inc

“Few companies care as much about the end user as Flanders Scientific. Bram (CEO) is determined, obsessed even, to deliver the best possible and most user-friendly displays for high-end television. All monitor manufacturers are selling the same panels but Flanders’ take them all to another level and their integration with calibration tools is exceptional. Their HDR mastering monitor is a jewel in their crown managing 5,000nits peak brightness!”

Zeb Chadfield, Founder, The Finish Line


Genelec from HHB

“Genelec speakers are the de facto standard in the UK with good reason and we have taken them with us to our post houses in Canada and the US. They give us that parity in audio performance from one suite to the next. Genelec speakers are revealing so we can hear the issues and give us that separation we need. We have always relied on HHB as our trusted UK supplier.”

Daniel Jones, Founder, Vaudeville

HHB.co.uk       Genelec.com


“LucidLink does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It behaves exactly as you would hope a super-fast NAS would perform on premises. But in the cloud. LucidLink has very advanced read and write protocols to manage workflow seamlessly, bypassing download and upload delays. We can securely share sessions, insert changes & updates, only uploading the bits and bytes that have changed. All our sound designers and mixers have their own write space and with permission access can see other spaces. LucidLink is a key technology enabler that underwrites our flexible post production offer.”

Luke Hatfield

Group Head of Sound




“Other high-speed service vendors can take an aggressive business approach. MASV offers a reasonable and transparent pricing structure. Working with them is a pleasant experience. We can move assets very quickly with

limited involvement and aggregate multiple connection points over multiple ethernet and WiFi connections to take transfer speeds to another level. MASV also offers secure project-specific portals, which is important to us and easier for our customers. You can even add helpful automations within the desktop app to streamline data movement.”

Jonathan Blessley, COO, The Finish Line massive.io




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