From the Storyboard pages this month, beastly behaviour from Glassworks; Lola blasts into space and Picasso crosses dimensions

X-Pollination films
Glassworks’ senior 3D artist and in-house director Dan Hope created a series of films for X-Pollination, a bi-annual event in Amsterdam that aims to bring creative professionals from different backgrounds together to cross pollinate ideas. To illustrate this, the films show animals of different species…cross pollinating.

X-Pollination Jungle from GLASSWORKS VFX on Vimeo.

X-Pollination Alaska from GLASSWORKS VFX on Vimeo.

How the universe works
After Lola completed the visual effects for both series one and two of Pioneer’s How the Universe Works for Discovery, it was again called in to supply vfx for series three across nine cg-heavy episodes. Each episode focuses on a different planet and Lola also had to recreate The Milky Way and a starship travelling through space.

How The Universe Works – Season 3 from Lola Post on Vimeo.

Jaime Pardo
Dolman promo
This is Jaime Pardo’s promo for Dolman track Monobrow. It’s described as a “playful blend of stark geometrics, tattoo imagery and vibrating skulls.” Pardo says, “stylistically I wanted to create something quite trippy
and menacing to match the track. I used a lot of 3D cg effects but in a way that hopefully looks more natural and not too digital.”

One of a kind
Trunk director Rok Predin’s latest film is One of a Kind. The film is described as “a contemplation about all the people who had to meet, all the tiny acts of fate and chance that had to come together, in order for you to sit here right now.” The producer was Richard Barnett and costumes for the 70 characters were created by Sara Savelj. The composer was Daniel Pemberton.

One Of A Kind – TRAILER from Trunk Animation on Vimeo.

Citizen spot
This spot for Japanese watchmaker Citizen was shot by John Kramer and looks back through the history of the brand. Filmed using the respective camera for the era portrayed – from a 1930’s hand cranked 35mm to a 1980’s VHS camera, MPC enhanced or degraded the shots to fit with the era as well as animating many of the older watches.

Rabbit and Deer
Rabbit and Deer, a film by Picasso Pictures director Péter Vácz, is getting its London premiere this month after a successful run through the international festival circuit. Mixing 2D, 3D and stop motion, the film is about the friendship between two characters who live happily in a 2D world and how they learn to live together when one becomes 3D.

Rabbit & Deer – excerpt from Picasso Pictures on Vimeo.

Cream Tease
Cream Tease, a steamy short set on a hot beach during an 80s summer, is the first film from Seed Animation’s  Seed Home Videos strand.

Cream Tease from Seed Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Deki spot
This is Aardman’s ad for Bristol microfinance charity Deki. The spot shows how small loans transform lives in developing countries. 

How we got to now
Peepshow Collective created the animated graphic sequences for Nutopia’s six part series How We Got To Now for PBS.

The Corner
Back to the 90s
The Corner London created this nostalgic spot to promote Nat Geo’s series The ‘90s: The Decade That Connected Us.

Jon Creamer

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