This is the trailer for Rift, a new animated feature film made entirely in Unreal Engine from UK production company HaZimation.

The film is to get its world premiere at the Oscar-accredited festival, 2022 SPARK ANIMATION, on October 29th followed by a Q&A with director and producer, HaZ Dulull and producer, Paula Crickard.

The cast includes BAFTA-award winning actor, Jane Perry (CYBERPUNK 2077, HITMAN, RETURNAL), Dave Fennoy (THE WALKING DEAD) and Cade Tropeano (BLACK BIRD)

Written by Stavros Pamballis, RIFT is about a former marine who goes to extreme measures to save his kid brother who has the ability to tap into multi-dimensions across space and time.

RIFT was animated entirely in Unreal Engine and was a recipient of an Epic MegaGrant from Epic Games–which helped support the development of the project.

RIFT is directed and produced by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull (Disney’s FAST LAYNE, indie sci-fi features – THE BEYOND & 2036 ORIGIN UNKNOWN) and produced by Paula Crickard (JOLT, THE PROTEGE). The film’s executive producers are Yariv Lerner (RAMBO – LAST BLOOD, THE HITMAN’s WIFE’s BODYGUARD), Amy Gardner (IDENTICALS) and Jason Potter.  The film was graded by colourist Vanessa Taylor (THE NORTHMAN).

HaZ Dulull said: “We are pleased to announce that RIFT will have its world premiere at SPARK ANIMATION. RIFT is a tour de force rollercoaster ride of big & intense action, with edge of the seat thrills and emotionally charged moments as the story pulls the audiences into the mind-bending multi-universe. There’s no doubt that adult animation is a space that is constantly growing and we’re proud to be able to contribute and showcase our work within the genre”


Jon Creamer

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