Quantum has announced a new, lower-priced addition to its Quantum F-Series family of NVMe storage appliances, the F1000.  

Using software defined architecture introduced with the F2000, the F1000 offers ultra-fast streaming performance and response times at a lower entry price. 

The Quantum F-Series was designed specifically for the video and image-based workloads.  This content can be high-definition video used for movie, TV, and sports production, marketing and advertising content, or image-based workloads that require high speed processing, such as the data from a satellite feed, a drone, a car used in the development of new automated driver assistance systems (ADAS), and more.
Quantum’s customers are deploying F-Series NVMe systems as part of Quantum’s StorNext® scale-out file storage cluster and leveraging the StorNext data management capabilities to move data between NVMe storage pools and other storage pools.  Customers can take advantage of the performance boost NVMe provides for workloads that require it, while continuing to use lower-cost storage for data where performance is less critical.
The F1000 is a 1U NVMe storage server optimised for performance, without the high-availability design of the F2000.  Using a single-controller server and optimising the F-Series software stack to run with less CPU, the F1000 offers the same streaming performance, and fast response times as the F2000, at a lower entry price.  The Quantum F1000 offers performance that is 5x to 10x faster than an equivalent SAS SSD storage array, at a similar price.
The F1000 is available in two capacity points: 39 TB and 77 TB.  It offers the same connectivity options as the F2000:  32 Gb fiber channel, or iSER / RDMA using 100 Gb Ethernet, and is designed to be deployed as part of a StorNext scale out file storage cluster.
“The F1000 provides a low-priced entry point for customers seeking the performance advantages of NVMe but don’t require the high availability capabilities of the F2000,” says Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum.  “Our software defined approach enabled us to deliver the F1000 at an ambitious pace, moving from concept to general availability in under six months.  This aggressive tempo of innovation ultimately enables our customers to be more agile in addressing their business challenges.”

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