Watch this short film and find out how Howard Bargroff, Re-recording Mixer at Sonorous Trident and the show’s Director and Executive Producer Alice Troughton crafted a rich audio soundscape, making full creative use of the additional audio depth that Dolby Atmos provides to deliver contrasting soundscapes to elevate the viewers’ emotional response.

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“The Midwich Cuckoos” is a classic science fiction novel written in 1957 by the English author John Wyndham. This new Sky Max adaptation, starring Keeley Hawes and Max Beesley, follows in the footsteps of the well-received 1960 and 1965 films, both called “The Village of the Damned”.

Sky describes the series: Midwich, a small English commuter town, is liberal and aspirational, populated by nuclear families and affluent streets. A place where nothing much happens – that is until the twilight hours of a summer’s day when a sleepy corner of Midwich is plunged into panic. People pass out on their feet without warning, without reason. Anyone who tries to enter meets the same fate. And nobody can understand why. When the mysterious blackout is lifted, life for those affected returns to apparent normality – except every woman of child-bearing age inside the zone has suddenly and inexplicably fallen pregnant.

Local officer DCI Paul Haynes is tasked with maintaining order but unbeknownst to them all, a terrifying force is building in the comfortable streets of Midwich. These children – potential parasites – flourish under the very love and care that their families give them. Who are these children? And what do they want?

The Midwich Cuckoos is an unnerving fable for our turbulent times, a thrilling, strange and at times horrifying journey into parenthood, which lays bare any parent’s worst fear: that the thing most precious to us – a child – might desire our destruction.

“The Midwich Cuckoos” is out NOW on Sky Max in Dolby Atmos.



Jon Creamer

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