Hedge is increasing the integrations across their suite of applications starting out with OffShoot, FoolCat, and EditReady apps, helping users bridge gaps in their creative workflows.

Hedge’s flagship offloading app; OffShoot, already has a tight integration with FoolCat to generate camera reports that canbe customized with  logo, production information and camera metadata that’s easily shareable as a PDF or report that can dynamically scale to any device.

The latest update for FoolCat builds upon this integration as any RAW or Log files can now be processed so that the thumbnails convert RAW to REC.709 or apply custom 3D LUT in a .cube format to any video file. This way, reports match exactly what everyone has been watching on set.

OffShoot’s new integration with EditReady also helps workflow by automatically triggering transcodes from a media transfer destination folder. As soon as it’s been transferred, organized, and data verified by OffShoot, it can signal EditReady to open up and start transcoding. This is a way to create proxy files or align varying camera files to a chosen codec ready for the edit.

Along with OffShoot’s new integration with EditReady, Hedge is introducing the  feature of being able to Stop & Resume transfers within OffShoot and pick them back up with ease.

For OffShoot Pro users, the Stop & Resume function helps when uploading to the cloud, especially when location compromises your connectivity.

OffShoot Pro now also supports Accelerated AWS Buckets for increased file transfer speeds during a cloud offload.

Instead of needing to first copy and verify to a physical drive before uploading to the cloud, OffShoot Pro makes it possible to simultaneously offload to local and or cloud storage.


Pippa Considine

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