Fujifilm has released details of its upcoming 14-100mm Duvo lens.

The Duvo series combines cinema and broadcast lens characteristics and is compatible with two types of mainstream large sensors for cinematic cameras and high zoom magnification.

There are three lenses in the series; the 25-1000mm, the Fujinon HzK25-1000mm; the 24-300mm, the Funinon HZK24-300mm; and the 14-100mm, the Funinon HZK14-100mm.

The 14-100 mm lens will have a minimum object distance of 0.28m and it will be approximately 267 mm in size, weighing 2.65 kg.

The Duvo series has an internal 1.5x expander that widens the image circle while maintaining optical performance. Even with a full frame equivalent sensor, it allows shooting with the same angle of view as a super 35mm sensor.

With the wide range of focal lengths, it enables a variety of shooting styles, including telephoto – with the Duvo Boxes 40x zoom and shooting with shoulder mounted operation or Steadicam with the Duvo Portable’s compact design.

Aberrations are controlled and while the Duvo series is a high magnification zoom lens, it achieves F2.8 with Duvo Box and T2.9 with Duvo Portable at the wide end.

Features include breathing compensation technology which automatically corrects focus breathing to produce natural footage maintaining the subjet being filmed in a constant size during changes in focus. Remote back focus enables the control of the Flange Focal Distance from the control panel of the camera or robotic system. And it’s compatible with the Zeiss eXtended Data system, enabling the recording lens metadata and lens distortion and shading corrections.

Lens controls can be used in the same style as broadcast lenses involving zoom and focus demands. It also supports multi-camera operations for live production.

The lens can be connected to a cinema style wireless lens controller and the focus ring on Duvo Portable has a gear pitch of 0.8M for easy integration with cinema industry standard accessories.





Pippa Considine

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