ENVY has won the contract to provide Insight TV with post production services.

The deal will initially see ENVY work across eight UHD HDR 50P projects and over 60 episodes collectively throughout 2020.

The Amsterdam-based company is a leading global 4K UHD channel provider and content producer, with a reach of over 190 million households across 46 countries.

Their latest projects expand the adventure sports & lifestyle portfolio, with the first to launch ‘Full Circle’ (co-produced by X-Treme Video) which debuted in September.

Full Circle is centered around the world of skateboarding, and is hosted by professional skater Richie Jackson.

ENVY Technical Operations Director – Jai Cave discussing the bespoke workflow setup for Insight TV:

“With Insight TV and the majority of the production companies they work with being on the conti- nent, we needed to come up with a solution that brought them as close to the finishing post process as possible. We needed to ensure we could deliver a live full-quality stream at UHD HDR 50P, as well as a conferencing solution that made them feel as if they were in the room with our operators.

“For the live video streaming, we have used a Streambox Chroma 4K, delivering full quality UHD HDR 50P direct to Insights offices in Amsterdam. The monitor Insight TV is using has been calibrated by ENVY engineers, to ensure Insight TV is not only provided with an accurate picture but can also make detailed judgement calls alongside our operators.

“For the conferencing solution, we created custom ‘zoom carts’ that include a monitor, touch-screen and camera/microphone setup on wheels. This can be moved into any of our finishing suites and sits in the same position as the client would normally sit. Our operators then start the Zoom meeting and our clients can feel like they are in the room.

This combination of solutions has ensured that Insight (who operate over 350km away) can get the same experience as our clients who are in the building.”

ENVY Business Development Manager, Nicola Whitehead on working with Insight TV:

“Working totally remotely with Insight TV on their 4K HDR 50P projects via Streambox and our be- spoke Zoom carts certainly gave us an edge when the world was plunged into lock down and had no choice but to work remotely. The workflow benefitted all our clients. We are always interested in a new challenge at ENVY and it shows how taking on new technologies can fast become the norm in the ever changing world of post-production. Insight TV is always looking to take their shows to a new level, with 8K programming becoming a more prominent feature of their work in the near fu- ture. We are enjoying exploring all these avenues with our new friends across the North Sea.”

ENVY Senior Producer, Sarah Yeboah said:

“With a new tailored workflow specific to Insight TV, we’ve been both challenged and rewarded. In- sight TV’s programming is a refreshing new style thrown in to our standard work here at Envy and it’s given more fuel to our ever-changing fire! Looking forward to what’s to come.”

Jon Creamer

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