The DPP has released a new report exploring how production companies are now using the cloud as a production tool. 


Next Gen Production looks at ten case studies, ranging in scale from a small digital agency to a Hollywood studio. The report asks if these pioneering companies are at the vanguard of a paradigm shift in how production companies make and manage their content. The work was done in conjunction with DPP members Avid and Dropbox.


“People have been talking for a decade about how connected and cloud-led workflows could transform production processes,” said DPP Managing Director, Mark Harrison. “We wanted to find out if we have finally got to the point where technological maturity and business need have come together to make such a transformation possible. And the answer is they have.”


The report shows common themes across the case studies including how companies are using the cloud so that teams spread around different cities or countries can access the same assets and workflows as well as cloud applications enabling small companies to punch above their weight. Increased security and the use of AI analytics in the cloud are also common themes.


“What is most striking about this incredibly diverse set of use cases is that each is motivated by a drive to be a more effective business,” says Harrison. “Ultimately these companies are seeking a competitive advantage.”


“It’s exciting to see the findings of the report and the evolution of media production, through the eyes of those living the change,” says Andy Wilson, Media Principal, Dropbox. “The move to connected and cloud-based working is having a profound impact on media workflows, how businesses are scaling their physical and virtual operations, and most importantly the culture of creative collaboration that underpins all of this.”


“The media industry is no longer asking if the cloud is viable for content creation because the early adopters among us have put in the hard work to prove that new benefits are there for the taking,” says Craig Dwyer, VP of Cloud and SaaS at Avid.  “DPP’s breakthrough data flips the switch on that debate, so instead more of us can ask how soon can we go there too?”


The DPP will use this research to initiate further work with its production members on best practice production.

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