Channel 4 has commissioned its youth orientated news and current affairs strand, Untold, for a fourth series.

Commissioned by News and Current Affairs commissioning editor, Janine Thomas, the six episodes will investigate the rise of young landlords bucking the UK homeownership statistics, delve further into the lives of reality TV couples following the success of UNTOLD: Life After Love Island, immerse viewers in the hidden world of illegal dog fighting, explore the global phenomenon that is Taylor Swift through her fandom, uncover the dangers of diet drugs available to buy via social media and examine the rise of Snus in football and further afield.

In UNTOLD: Love in the Limelight former Love Islander, Chloe Burrows, explores what life is like for well know reality couples living out their romance in the public eye. Chloe will interrogate the true cost of being in a high-profile couple, from benefits like lucrative brand deals and partnerships, to the strain of having your relationship dissected by media spectators. Made by Flicker Productions, the 1×60 film will be executive produced by Colleen Flynn.

In UNTOLD: Inside Britain’s Dog Fighting Gangs, Ben Zand investigates the hidden world of illegal dog fighting in the UK. With exclusive access to groups in the West Midlands and London – two major dog-fighting hotspots in the UK – the film will “offer deep insight into this murky world.” The 1×30 film will be made by ZANDLAND, directed by Charlie Mole and Executive Produced by Josh Reynolds and Ben Zand.

In UNTOLD: The Rise and Rise of Taylor Swift (wt) Dean McCullough will explore the phenomenon of Taylor Swift’s fame via her loyal fandom and investigate how they have helped her achieve this status. The film will feature the country’s biggest Swifties and discuss what Taylor means to them. Finding out why they feel such a connection to her and how Taylor’s music and being part of the Swiftie community has impacted their lives. Produced by Flicker Productions, the 1×30 film will be executive produced by Colleen Flynn.

In UNTOLD: Can I Buy A Home in My Twenties? I’m 23 and Own 10 Homes (wt), presenter Daisy Maskell will meet young black people who have bucked UK homeownership statistics. Buying multiple properties, connecting on social media and taking an entrepreneurial approach to attaining and renting their own property. Daisy will interrogate whether buying properties for rental is a viable and sustainable method of generating wealth for young black property owners, can this path be accessible to all young people and what are the risks?  The 1×30 film will be made by Proper Content with executive producer David Dehaney.

UNTOLD: Is Snus the New Vaping? (wt) Tir Dhondy investigates the rise in the use of snus (tobacco pouches) in football and further afield. The 1×30 film will be made by Middlechild with executive producer Andrew Eastel.

UNTOLD: Dangerous Diet Drugs – Exposed journalist Amber Haque will be investigating the dangers of illegal diet drugs available to buy via social media. The 1×30 film will be made by Full Fat TV with executive produce Collette Foster

Jon Creamer

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