Channel 4 has revealed its rebrand as it brings all its digital, social, and linear channels together under one single brand as All 4 becomes ‘Channel 4’.

Channel 4 commissioned design consultancy Pentagram to collaborate with its in-house creative agency 4creative to develop a new cohesive brand identity.

The new design identity stretches across all of Channel 4’s streaming and linear services “to help audiences easily recognise and find their favourite content and programmes from the channel.”

As a starting point, Channel 4’s iconic blocks have been brought back together after eight years apart, placing the channel’s iconic Lambie-Nairn ‘4’ logo back at its heart.

Pentagram and 4creative have reimagined the 4 as a companion to viewers to guide them through Channel 4’s ‘Altogether Different’ content universe. The brand’s touchpoints are anchored by a vibrant green ‘4’, reflecting the “alternative” spirit of the channel, which navigates the viewer through a wider colour system of immersive gradients and worlds “that reflect the rich diversity of Channel 4 content.” A new iconographic language featuring a set of ‘4mojis’ has also been devised to help “give the brand a sense of mischief in even the most functional of communications.”

Lynsey Atkin, Executive Creative Director at 4creative, said: “It has been a privilege to work with the team at Pentagram to create a new identity for Britain’s most visually progressive broadcaster. Bringing back our iconic logo and putting it front and centre, amongst a modern and vibrant system made distinct through colour, motion, and typography, gives us the consistency necessary in today’s visually noisy world, whilst still allowing us the creative spirit inherent within the Channel 4 brand. After many, many months of work we’re delighted to see it out in the world, helping us be Altogether Different now and into the future.”

Luke Powell, Partner and Creative Director at Pentagram said: “The ask to work on a brand that is inherently rebellious and unapologetically creative, but also in need of cohesion and clarity across its channels and platforms, could seem contradictory. However, embracing this duality, the masterbrand system we’ve created unifies where it needs to, but encourages expression the rest of the time. Channel 4 is now set up with a principles-based system that can guide outputs across all of their shows, channels, collections and partnerships today, as well as preparing it for a rapidly evolving and unpredictable future.”

To help deliver Channel 4’s new look, 4creative and Pentagram worked with motion design specialists Found, and digital experts Stink Studios to bring the brand identity to life across all of Channel 4’s platforms. To complement the visuals, a new audio identity has been created by Factory and SIREN.

Continuing Channel 4’s brand transformation, the broadcaster will soon unveil a series of brand-new idents later this summer. Using an infinite loop, they are designed “as an inclusive system that welcomes diversity of expression – a reflection of modern Britain and a tapestry of how we live now.”


Agency                                                 4creative

Executive Creative Director                               Lynsey Atkin

Deputy Executive Creative Director                    Chris Wood

Deputy Executive Creative Director                  Lambros Charalambous

Head of Design                                     Rob Boon

Managing Director                                            Katie Jackson

Executive Producer                                           Louise Oliver

Senior Project Manager                         John Trevor

Senior Producer                                                Lauren Holden

Junior Producer                                    Jazz Stradling

Junior Project Manager                         Lucy Newbold

Production Assistant                                         Emily Jacob

Client                                                               Channel 4

Chief Marketing Officer                         Zaid Al-Qassab

Marketing Director                                            Amber Kirby

Head of Brand Transformation               Matt Berry

Rebrand Director                                               Mat Heinl

Programme Director                                               Ying Miller

Experience Design Lead                                  Matt Wade

Marketing Lead, Brand Transformation               Simi Murthy

Marketing Executive, Brand Transformation      Lana Camp

Design System

Created by Pentagram in collaboration with 4creative



Design team

Luke Powell – Partner and Creative Director

Jody Hudson-Powell – Partner and Creative Director

Jack Llewellyn – Associate Partner and Designer

Alice Sherwin – Designer

Luis Gutierrez – Technical Director and 3D/Motion Designer

Nav Bhatia – Associate Partner and Producer


Strategy team

Naresh Ramchandani – Partner and Creative Director

Ashley Johnson – Associate Partner, Brand Narrative

Isla Wickham – Project Manager

Kate Heller – Project Manager

Zoë Gibson Quirk – Strategist

Robyn Cusworth – Writer

Channel 4 Typeface re-Mastered and Extended


On Screen Presentation (OSP)

Created by Found in collaboration with 4creative and Pentagram


Creative Direction                       Jack Seymour

Clayton Welham


Production                                      Sophia Georgiou


Designers                                         Kiril Trashliey

Nicole Peterson

Andrea Marshall

Ambro Bergamaschi

João Lucas


Additional credits 4creative

Creative Director                                                      Landy Slattery
Senior Producer                                                        Chloe Roberts


Time Based Arts (pitch and opticals)

Ian Baird

Mike Battcock

Nick Smalley

Ria Shroff

Stephen Ross

Tom Johnson

Tom Robinson

Sean Ewins

Mike Skrgatic



Created by STINK in collaboration with 4creative and Pentagram

Additional credits 4creative

Digital Creative Director                        Christos Savvides

Digital Creative                                     Chris Rice

Digital Creative                                     Greg Carter

Director                                                            James Henry

Senior Producer                                                Paul Gleeson




Created by Factory and SIREN in collaboration with 4creative and Pentagram


Composer and Creative Director            Anthony Moore

Producer                                                          Beth Massey


Music Supervisor & Creative Director     Sian Rogers



Created by Pentagram in collaboration with 4creative


Jon Creamer

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