The 700 hour Russian art movie project, Dau, shot on 35mm film and graded over the last 4 years is finally ready for release after 12 years in the making.

Director Ilya Khrzhanovsky takes the viewer on a journey through the world of the trials and tribulations of the Soviet Union’s National Scientific Centre from 1938 till 1968 with a spotlight on the Nobel Prize winning Physicist Lev Landau. A full screening of the film lasts 700 hours.

The film was shot on a specially constructed set outside Kharkov, Ukraine where volunteers came to live and be filmed for two years as if they were in 50s Soviet era Moscow.

Post-Production was handled by the fim’s production company Phenomen Films based in Piccadilly, London and as Phenomen’s Post-Production supervisor, Dasha Sherman explains, “There really is nothing with which to compare the Dau project. Pre-production work began in 2006, shooting in 2008 and we are premiering now in 2019. 700 hours is a lot of footage.”

The entire project was graded on Digital Vision’s Nucoda. Head colourist on the Dau project, was Lionel Kopp.

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