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SecureData GI launch film

Televisual TV
20 January 2015

Matt Percival, creative director, RedRoute, says: “SecureData tasked us with the multimedia launch of their new product, SecureData GI, which combats cyber crime through the use of “ethical hackers”. The project’s tight timeline and budget could have been restricting, but, through partnering with Televisual, we were able to create a film with production standards way in excess of what we could otherwise have achieved, while still coming in on time and budget. Nobody needed convincing of the longer-term benefits to SecureData GI of producing something of cinematic quality, so the storyboard was very ambitious. The solution Televisual Media offered was to shoot almost all the film live, with a series of seamless zooms from wide cityscapes to a microcosmic world hidden between the blinking lights of a server and onward through a human eye. This involved a combination of complex greenscreen shots (filmed at Waterloo Film Studios) and highly technical aerial work. The use of Fujinon HK and ZK lenses while shooting 4K on the Sony F55 and 6K on the Red Dragon gave us very high quality assets, with the added flexibility of being able to exaggerate the length of the zoom still further in the edit. By shooting at such high resolutions, it was also possible to create assets for print advertising out of the film footage. That Televisual Media pulled this off, both technically and in the time available, I find remarkable. That they managed to do it on budget, without any compromise to the skills and talent of everyone involved in the production, I find extraordinary.”

Cinematographer Ed Moore
Focus Puller Jason Cuddy (Freelance)
Aerial Cameraman Jeremy Braben (Helicopter Film Services)
Helicopter Pilot Ian Evans (Helicopter Film Services)
Editor Mark Wrench (Preditors)
VFX Mark Robinson (Jam Films)
Grade & Master Tom Russell (Preditors)
Post producer Charlotte Collings
Music & sound design Jake Bickerton (Televisual Media UK)
Creative director Matt Percival (RedRoute)
Directed & Produced by James Bennett (Televisual Media UK)

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