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Convergence - shot on the Sony PMW-F3

Showcase TV
17 October 2010
Convergence is the first indie film to be shot on Sony's new digital 35mm camera, the PMW-F3. It was filmed on location on the South Bank, and at the Oxo tower. Here's an introduction from director Martin Scanlan:

"DoP Steve Lawes called me to say he had been asked to shoot some test footage on a new prototype Sony camera and wondered if I’d like to come along. Steve and I both looked at the PMW-F3 as a perfect indie film camera so we decided the best way to test it was to make our own little indie film. The only problem was we had a total of two days to put everything in place and a few important elements were missing; like actors, a crew and an idea. A few phone calls to actor friends and a couple of late nights later we headed into a cold and wet London for a day and a half to shoot. In true indie fashion, we kept things to a bare minimum, shooting in available light with only a small homemade LED light as a fill for night scenes with just the two of us and an assistant. We carried all the equipment for the shoot on our backs around the city and kept a very informal approach to the piece. The process was hugely collaborative; I concentrated on directing performance while Steve concentrated on directing the photography and the actors were free to improvise. From conception through principal photography to final delivery took a week. The result is Convergence."
Director: Martin Scanlan DoP: Steve Lawes
Actors: Evie Bicker, Neil Henry
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