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4K London - Capital City

Televisual TV
11 November 2014
This is an HD version of a 4K film capturing London at its most beautiful. All the footage is available to license and is already being used by major Hollywood and European film studios as well as advertising agencies and broadcast production companies.

The footage is available at competitive rates as we don't have a library as an intermediary. We have over 90 minutes of beautiful extraordinary 4K footage that we can deliver in pretty much any flavour. Contact to find out more.

The film has been edited from five shoots around London, from dusk to twilight, including two aerial shoots. Both aerial shoots were shot on the Sony F65 SR4 raw and are arguably the most detailed aerial shots of London ever shot, with the latter dusk footage at the front of the film using the extraordinary Fujinon HK14.5 - 45mm lens.

The ground shoots were shot on the F65 SR4 raw and F55 AXS-R5 raw.

The music is 'Drinking at a Stream' by Deux Filles.

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Director, producer: James Bennett Editor: Shaun Richards
Grade: Dado Valentic DPs: Steve Lawes, Ed Moore
Aerial DPs: David McKay, Jeremy Braben
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