About The Producer


About The Producer

The Producer’s remit has always been to keep the production community up to date with the latest technologies and workflows and help the business get the most from the opportunities the new tools bring, be that better looking pictures, faster production times or simply how to make the production budget go further without compromise. The Producer’s primary offer has been to look from the producer’s perspective at how new tools are being used, who’s using them, for what content and with what result. Although always interested in new products, formats and methodologies, The Producer is written in a non-technical style with a core agenda to provide knowledge, understanding and inspiration to directors, DoPs, production managers, business managers, senior operators and, of course, producer.

With a print-run of a minimum 12,000 per issue, The Producer has the highest circulation of any UK magazine for the production sector.

Televisual Media UK has been publishing the new look The Producer since May 2009 on behalf of Sony UK.

The Producer at a glance

Who should advertise
  • Sony Specialist Dealers, camera rental companies, lens, tripods, lighting, battery and other manufacturers of shooting kit, asset finance companies and other technology suppliers who’s products work closely with Sony cameras and formats 
  • Four times a year in January, April, July and October
  • A vibrant mix of news, opinions, case studies and special
    reports written in a non-technical manner and aimed at
    the producer working in the British Isles
  • Beautifully designed, Televisual sized (285mm x 235mm)
    and finished to very high specifications
Circulation and distribution
  • A minimum 12,000 print-run with 5,000 free to all Televisual subscribers, 5,000 on registered request
    and to bespoke data and 2,000 distributed at key industry events including BVE, IBC, the IoV Show and Televisual Roadshows
Additional print-runs
  • Additional bespoke copies of The Producer can also be ordered. The bespoke aspect is that the covers are reprinted and personalized with new advertising copy to replace the Inside Front, Inside Back and Outside Back Covers
  • 36 pages including covers
Editorial volume
  • A minimum 25 pages
Advertising volume
  • A maximum 11 pages
Advertising rates
  • Although The Producer has the highest circulation of any industry magazine in the British Isles, the advertising is less expensive than you’d expect as the magazine is under-written by Sony (see rate card below).



Editorial content

Televisual Media has brought its considerable knowledge of the UK production sector as well as journalistic and design talents to create a compelling, memorable magazine to fully engage the UK production community. The Producer’s key premise is to keep the UK and Irish production community up to date with how leading producers and their teams are embracing the latest production technology. While The Producer knows its audience and provides a balanced editorial offer that is neither too sales-lead nor overly technical yet still talks about complicated production issues.

The new editorial running order is as follows:

  • Sony news from formats to cameras and vision mixers to recording media
  • Production news from film to television and commercials to online viral content
  • The Producer Opinions putting digital production technology into a wider context: from broadcaster business issues to production budgets and from commissioning HD content to what’s happening in the independent production sector
  • The Producer Profile looks at the experiences of a senior production executive, their body of work and how they go about making the most of the new production tools for the market
  • The Producer Gallery with shorts about all of the latest HD, 3D and file-based productions shot on Sony cameras and formats
  • Case Studies form the bedrock of The Producer from drama to sport and from feature films to promos. All the case studies are written from the perspective of the end user – the producer
  • The Producer Reports go behind the scenes to look at how specific disciplines and genres are being delivered from outside broadcasting to extreme location shooting and from documentary filmmaking to coordinating mainstream reality shows.  



The Producer editorial submissions

If you have an interesting story to tell about Sony products and formats being used in the field, we are always interested to hear from you although we can never guarantee inclusion. Please contact jake@televisual.com or david@televisual.com

We are particularly interested in exciting new production projects, especially if they have been completed in a different or new way than previously.




The Producer circulation promise

The minimum total print run for The Producer is 12,000 for any one issue.
There are three distinct aspects to The Producer’s new circulation promise that combined make it by far and away the most potent (and largest) circulation of any magazine in the business. The 12,000 comprises...

1. 5,000 with Televisual magazine on publication

Televisual has by far the most potent circulation of any UK magazine for the UK production business and we can ably demonstrate our reach with a full ABC audit including demographic analysis that tells you where Televisual’s readers work, what they spend their money on and even an indication as to how much money they have to spend. Televisual is viewed by the majority of major technology and facility brands as the most powerful route to market for anyone who wants to communicate and sell their services or products to the UK production community. There are two defining qualities to Televisual’s circulation...

100% Production Professionals

Just shy of 100% of Televisual’s readers are based in the UK. All Televisual readers within our controlled requested circulation have satisfied the ABC that they work in film and television production and work within one of the following company descriptions.

Independent production companies 49.5%
Broadcasters 16%
Other production and commissioners 11.5%
Production resources / facilities 18%
Freelancers 5%
100% Relevant budget responsibility

All of Televisual’s controlled circulation readers have a minimum £30,000 to spend with the vast majority spending considerably more. One in four tell us they have budgets in excess of £250,000 per annum. They spend their money as follows:

Buying Hardware and Software 77%
Hiring Facilities and other Production Resources 78%
Commissioning Production Work 40%
Asset Management, Storage and Distribution 24%
2. 5,000 mailed direct on publication

This second group almost entirely comprises of production executives working (mainly) in independent production and broadcast companies and primary facilities including camera rental, outside broadcast, studios and post production.  The 5,000 additional circulation is made up of two groups:


  • Individual registrations for The Producer from Sony’s own website at www.pro.sony.eu/theproducer This requested circulation data is re-verified on a regular basis guaranteeing an active community of production executives who have requested The Producer.
  • De-duplicated against the Sony registered data and Televisual active subscription list, these are predominantly production executives working in independent production and broadcast companies who don’t currently get their own copy of Televisual. The data includes: registered delegates for the Televisual Roadshows, Televisual editorial data including relevant contacts from Televisual’s key surveys (see Reports and Surveys) and the Televisual Handbook (see the Televisual Handbook); and relevant executives who cast their vote in The Bulldog Awards.      
  • 3. 2,500 distributed at relevant industry events and additional distribution through Sony specialist dealer channels

    To complete the 12,000 print-run, an additional 2,000 copies of The Producer are distributed at Sony-attended events including BVE, IBC and the IoV Show as well as at the Televisual Roadshows and Televisual Factual Festival.  At both IBC and BVE The Producer will be available from both Sony's and Televisual's stands.


    Advertising in The Producer

    If you’re selling or hiring Sony cameras and formats or related technology you’ve never had such a strong advertising environment:

    • A rich editorial offer that informs the production community about Sony technology and production workflow
    • A beautifully designed magazine to engage the producer and so add value to the advertising proposition
    • The strength of Televisual's potent circulation doubled up with a bespoke requested circulation and carefully selected senior production executives making for the strongest and largest readership of any magazine in the British Isles

    There are only four issues a year and eleven advertising pages of 36 in total.

    Advertising Rate Card
    Full Page, no position guarantee £1,695
    Full Page, guaranteed Right Hand £1,845
    Full Page, Inside Front Cover £1,995
    Half Page, no position guarantee £945
    Quarter Page, no position guarantee £585
    Quarter Page Strip, no position guarantee £695
    Listings with logo, full contact information and 60 words description (for four issues) £395 (per annum)

    All rates are quoted ex-VAT

    Mechanical Specifications

    The Producer’s mechanical specifications are the same as for Televisual and can be found here.

    Copy Deadlines and Publication Dates

      Copy deadline Publication date
    April '11

    17th March 31st March
    July '11
    plus distribution at
    Intelligent Factual Festival


    17th June 30th June
    October '11   23rd September 6th October

    Get in touch today and find out how The Producer can help your business succeed.
    James Bennett james@televisual.com 020 3008 5775



The Producer Logo

Published on behalf of


If you want to talk to the UK production community about acquisition products and services, The Producer has by far largest and most potent circulation of any UK industry magazine.

The Producer is unique in having a concentrated editorial environment and focus on cameras, formats and workflow for the non-technical production executive.


If you sell, hire or operate Sony kit or related acquisition technology there is simply no better place to promote your business than through the pages of The Producer.

Sony Specialist Dealers can also create their own bespoke versions of The Producer and without competing dealer advertising or even editorial references. Call James on 020 3008 5775 or email james@televisual.com to find out more information.

To be part of it, call James Bennett on 020 3008 5775 or email him at james@televisual.com

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