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How file-based media and the Internet are changing the way programmes are made, distributed and consumed. This is happening now and is the hot theme for 2014 

December 10th 2014 @BAFTA

Connect@BAFTA is the first of a new series of free-to-attend Televisual events looking at how file-based media and the Internet are changing the way programmes are made, distributed and consumed. The Connect seminar series looks at what vendors and facilities are now offering, with expert presentations and real world case studies.

What's being covered on the 10th December?

* Avid Interplay
- An overview of Avid Interplay, how it works and why it's important, with a live demonstration.

* File Management from Location to Post
- Kate Robson of Prime Focus Post on managing assets on location and into post, including how to manage ftp proxies and dailies on location. Kate also demonstrates Prime Focus own media management tool - Rapta - and explains how it's been used for Sherlock, Series 3.

* Keynote, Forward Looking Post
- An interview with David Klafkowski of The Farm Group on the thinking behind their new post house, William, and how it's been set up based on forward-looking file-based management

- A panel discussion on the implications behind the DPP's request for AS11+ and R128-compliant files. What's available? And who pays for it? On the panel are Fremantle's Mark Bos, dock10's Emma Riley, Prime Focus' Rowan Bray and Raw Cut's Steve Warr, who is already delivering in this way for C5

* Data-warehousing for Media
- Peter Gooden is interviewed about the new set-up at Canon House and his new offer - the Dataroom

* Keynote, The Future of Post
- Mark Keller, CTO of Hogarth and Zonza on how his businesses are breaking the historical post production mould. What does Hogarth and Zonza offer their customers? Why is this different? And how does Mark see the future of post production over the next couple of years? Not to be missed.

* Comprehensive overviews of technology providers and leading facilities who are using new cloud-based technologies

Who should attend?

Connect@BAFTA is a free-to-attend event for all those tasked with delivering moving image content working in production and post production companies, agencies and senior consultants Typical job titles would include:

In Production companies - Producers and Project Managers, Production Executives, Heads of Production, Resource and Facility Directors and Managers, IT Directors and Managers and other Technologists.

In post Production companies
- Senior Management, Workflow Specialists, Chief Engineers, Chief Technology Officers and Deputies
In agencies
- Facility Directors, IT Directors, IT Managers, and Heads of Resource
Consultants would include
- Directors, Producers, Production Managers & Post Production Supervisors

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