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October 2017

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 30th exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 52 pages of analysis of the sector
  • Interview: Grant Mansfield
    Hiring top talent and investing heavily in development have been key to growing his Bristol indie Plimsoll Productions, says founder Grant Mansfield
  • The clear view: lenses
    What ever genre you work in, you need to be lens savvy. Here three DoPs guide us through the lens market, picking out the models they like to use in drama and factual
  • Over the top
    The growth of Netflix and Amazon is proving a boon for UK indies, but broadcasters are starting to panic. Tim Dams reports
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  • Blue Planet II
    The producers of Blue Planet II tell Tim Dams how tech advances and military planning helped them capture the secrets of the deep
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Still at the top of post houses’ list of gripes is the “unrealistic budgets” provided for their work. Most of the companies completing survey forms singled out declining rates as a key challenge. Triangle is concerned about “the impact of lower budgets on quality of production” and Big Buoy sums up the general sentiment that “lower budgets make it difficult to maintain profit margins.”

Talking of lower bugets, Azimuth is amongst many, many post houses complaining that, “stupidly low bugets - they still get posted at a loss by someone”. Undercutting continues to be a major source of frustration. “Facilities giving work away at crazy prices can only end up with their downfall and others,” says Narduzzo Too.

Inhouse Facilities
Third on the list of challenges once more is production companies’ inhouse facilities. “Agencies and production companies absorbing post inhouse” is singled out by Unit as well as many others as their key concern. Meanwhile, Mwnci points to broadcasters also taking work inhouse as a challenge.


Stereoscopic 3d
Quite a number of post facilities are looking forward to “the stereo 3d revolution,” as Prime Focus puts it, which many feel is just round the corner. “3d stereo could breakthrough if it comes on the back of a job that fires up the public’s imagination,” sums up Time Based Arts.

File-based Working
There are opportunities for post houses in “making tapeless production easier” and “providing a reliable tapeless workflow” for their clients, says Azimuth, The Station and numerous others. Post houses have to keep on top of the many file-based formats and are well placed to assist clients with going tapeless.

Digital Platforms
“More creative channels means room for more growth, from TV and film through to digital,” says The Mill. Many facilities agree that digital platforms are good for business. Opportunities come from “being a market leader for the new media industry,” says Unit. Glassworks and Eon point to “digital services and the growth of the medical simulation market”, while Locomotion singles out “outdoor media”.

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