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November 2018

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    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 31st exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 48 pages of analysis of the sector
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    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual’s exclusive Commercial 30 survey, reporting on a year of highs and lows for commercials producers.
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    With competition from streamers intensifying, UK broadcasters are exploring new drama strategies. Tim Dams reports
  • Primary Colours
    Five leading movie colourists tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they use to grade movies like The Danish Girl, Peterloo and Baby Driver
  • Up, up and away!
    Thanks to advances in camera technology, the possibilities of aerial filming are greater than ever before. Pippa Considine reports on some of the year’s standout aerial projects
  • OB: Which Way Now
    The OB industry is embracing major change as it adapts to the worlds of UHD, HDR and IP. Michael Burns reports
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Facilities 50 2010 Back to Reports & survey Listing

One of the best ways to judge the overall quality of a post house is going on the recommendations of clients. During Televisual’s various annual surveys of the production sector we ask producers which post houses they most admire.

In such a crowded market as post, you live or die by the opinions of your clients. Quality of work and value for money are one thing, but client opinion also rests on whether using the post house is hassle free and whether it has friendly and accommodating staff.

And it can even boil down to something seemingly inconsequential, such as whether the post house puts on a good bbq. It’s no coincidence that the post houses populating the producer vote top 10 also place highly in the overall top 50.

A large post house with a sizeable space to fill every month can’t afford to get customer service wrong. It’s a service industry and those that serve best are the ones that continue to thrive whatever the financial climate.

Overall producer top 10
1 Envy
The nicely furbished post house Envy has “fantastic client service skills” and is “still the king of post facilities” say its client admirers. It has “great buildings, equipment and staff, plus they have invited me to loads of swanky drinks parties and bbqs!”

2 The Mill
The Mill is a “creative, one-stop shop” says one of its clients. It’s “high quality with good value for money and client service” says another, while a separate client singles out “their top-end talent” for praise.

3 Framestore
Framestore is “always consistent and still groundbreaking” says one of its admirers. It is “the mothership for post production” sums up another.

MPC picks up praise for having made a “real improvement in being client focused this year,” says one of its clients. Another points to one of its key creative staff, saying, “their colourist George is fab”.

5= Evolutions
Evolutions has a reputation for its “quality of service” while offering “competitive deals” and having a “wide range of facilities”. It has a “really helpful team” and is “good for last minute out of house projects”.

5= Prime Focus
Prime Focus provides a “good service”, has “friendly staff”, and in particular, “a great sales manager who always makes things happen”. Similarly, says another client, it has a “sensible approach to budgets”.

7 Glassworks
Cg and vfx specialist Glassworks has many admirers in commercials production, thanks to its “attention to detail” and its “very good commercial animation”.

8 Rushes
Rushes “seem to be very understanding and flexible and willing to work through problems,” says one of its clients. It picks up praise from another for being “so creative and accommodating”. It’s “helpful and supportive” and has “experienced operators”.

9 Molinare

It has “talent in all departments, including management – it’s the perfect one-stop-shop” gushes a satisfied customer. It has a “strong history” and is know for its “overall quality” say others.

10 Crow TV
West London’s Crow TV is “efficient and reasonably priced for the job” and is “quality” and “local for many of the indies”. It is also “flexible on time and budget” says another of its clients.

Broadcast producers
Many of the votes from broadcast producers went to Envy. The ethos of Envy when it set up four years ago was to raise client servicing up a notch, establishing a boutique hotel look and feel, and this is still a major attraction. Envy has great “attention to detail” and is “accommodating and professional” says one of its broadcast producer clients. “Their post production team are second to none,” says another, while another says, “They have very skilled individuals with whom we like to work”. Meanwhile, Envy’s high-end touches are always appreciated: “They have invited me to loads of swanky drinks parties and bbqs!,” says a client.

The Farm Group is another very popular post house for broadcast producers. “They adapt and work hard for productions, have good facilities and key creative staff are always requested by producers and directors,” summarises one of its clients. The company is “professional and talented”, it’s “high quality with good value for money and client service”.

Next up is Evolutions, which picks up votes for its “quality of service” and for having “excellent post producers who are able to deal with changing schedules and delivery requirements.”

Prime Focus is praised by broadcast producers for its “good service and friendly staff”, Crow TV for being “efficient and reasonably priced for the job” and Molinare for having “a great all round team that can sort problems in sound or pictures.”

Bristol’s Films at 59, which is one of the largest post houses outside of London, is admired for its “high quality service”, for being “flexible and supportive” and being “very experienced at delivering complicated co-production deliverables to UK and international broadcasters and distributors”. Comedy specialist Suite has “good editors”, West London’s Clear Cut Pictures has “good facilities and service” and Cardiff’s Mwnci is admired thanks to the “level of service provided”.

Broadcast top 10
1 Envy
2 The Farm Group
3 Evolutions
4 Prime Focus
5= Crow TV
5= Molinare
7= Films at 59
7= Suite
9 Clear Cut Pictures
10 Mwnci

Commercials producers

It’s an almost entirely different list of post houses that crop up as the favourites for commercials producers, and are, in the main, cg/vfx-focused. The Mill wins praise from commercials production companies for its “innovation” and for its “quality cg work”.

Framestore is “always consistent and groundbreaking” and produces “great photo-real effects”. One of MPC’s clients says it has made a “real improvement in being client-focused this year”, while Glassworks is admired for its “attention to detail” and for its “very good commercial animation”.

Prime Focus’s advertising wing, Smoke & Mirrors and Absolute also pick up plenty of votes from commercials clients. Rushes is “helpful and supportive and has experienced operators”, “nothing is too much trouble” for Golden Square and Finish is similarly popular with its advertising clients.

Commercials top 10
1 The Mill
2= Framestore
2= MPC
4 Glassworks
5 Prime Focus
6 Smoke & Mirrors
7 Absolute
8 Rushes
9 Golden Square
10 Finish

Corporate producers
Evolutions tops the corporate producers list for having a “really helpful team”. Prime Focus has “a fun approach to hard work”, the now defunct The Club was “well organised, creative and great value”, Envy is “just great”, Unit “seems to have a buzz”, Bravo is “friendly” and “creative” and Fitzrovia “offers a very good standard of service”. Golden Square is popular with corporate clients, Storm HD/ IBF provides a “fantastic personal service” and the “owner and senior editor” at Exposure Post “is a great all-rounder”.

Corporate top 10

1 Evolutions
2= Prime Focus
2= The Club
4= Envy
4= Unit
6= Bravo Post Production
6= Fitzrovia
8 Golden Square
9= Storm HD/IBF
9= Exposure Post

How the producer polls work

The producer poll is collated from four separate surveys of the production market, during which we ask producers to name the three post houses they use the most and the three they rate highest. Broadcast producer votes come from our ‘Production 100’ survey, published in September. The commercials producer votes are collated during our ‘Commercials 30’ survey, published in November, while the corporate producer votes come from our ‘Corporate 50’ survey, published in March. We also ask commercials, broadcast, corporate and film producers for their favourite post houses in our ‘Production Management’ survey, published in August.

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