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December 2017

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  • The Televisual Commercials 30
    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual's exclusive annual report, the Commercials 30, and finds that while budgets are down and production companies are under threat from agency in-house units, commercials producers are finding new horizons beyond ads too.
  • Commercials 30: Best in Show
    Commercials producers also get to vote for their favourite directors, stand out ads and top rated agencies along with their favourite post houses, editors and vfx ops. We reveal the results
  • Commercials 30: The Top 30
    Televisual reveals the Commercials 30 itself, the 30 top rated commercials production companies in the UK
  • Music in Motion
    So what’s next for the music behind the commercials? Will it be another year in the ascendant for London Grime perhaps? Portugese house? Afro beats or the Angolan kuduro sound?
  • Televisual Factual Festival report
    Last month saw Televisual's annual Factual Festival return to Bafta. How to stand out in a world of ever increasing viewer choice was the big theme this time. Tim Dams reports
  • Alison Kirkham in interview
    At the Televisual Factual Festival, the BBC's controller of factual Alison Kirkham outlined the shows the corporation is looking for in the year ahead
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  • 2017: the year in review
    Two very different stories – the rise of SVOD players and the Harvey Weinstein abuse allegations – defined TV’s year. Tim Dams reports
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Production 100 2010 Back to Reports & survey Listing

61 Remedy Productions
t 020 8964 4408 w mds Toby Dormer, Juliet Borges staff 12 turnover £3.5m profit £700k commissions 12 hrs commissioned 800 hrs tx’d 800 key shows Switch Live Awards (BBC) Freshly Squeezed (C4) Gonzo (MTV) genre ent, fact ent

Launched back in 2003, Remedy produces programming across most genres including entertainment, children’s, factual, sport and even magic. But it’s best known for its work in the music genre, producing over 500 hours of programming for MTV in the UK every year, as well C4’s Freshly Squeezed, the NME Awards for C4, and BBC1’s Switch Live Awards. Ad funding has also become an important part of Remedy’s business, accounting for 25% of its turnover, and it has worked on programming for brands such as Virgin Mobile, Samsung, Sega and Diesel. Joint md Toby Dormer comments: “Despite the recession, we haven’t seen a significant change in the amount of commissions from broadcasters. We’ve also been fortunate enough to benefit from increased revenues in other areas such as ad-funded programming and branded content.”

62 Wag TV

t 020 7688 2167 w md Martin Durkin head of production Steven Green staff 9 turnover £3.2m profit £320k commissions 6 hrs commissioned 28 hrs tx’d 25 key shows How Do They Do It? (Discovery) X Machines (Discovery) genre fact

Factual television producer Wag TV has been successfully tapping into the US market in recent years with series such as X Machines and the long running How Do They Do It? for Discovery. Wag’s programming range spans popular science, engineering, history, travel, documentaries, features and factual entertainment including Rory McGrath’s Best of British Engineering for Discovery, The Face of Britain for Channel 4 and Kings of Construction for Discovery. Some 85% of Wag’s revenues come from TV production, with the remaining 15% from its rights catalogue. Despite the downturn, head of production Steven Green says the business climate has remained pretty much the same for Wag, as have broadcaster budgets.

63 Reef Television
t 020 7539 2000 w md Richard Farmbrough head of production Paul Hanrahan head of post production Tim Waymouth staff 8 turnover £3.13m commissions 4 hrs commissioned 75 hrs tx’d 50 key shows Dealers - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (BBC) Chefs - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (BBC2) Trash to Cash series 3 (BBC) genre fact, fact ent

64 Walsh Bros

t 020 8858 6870 w md John Walsh producer David Walsh staff 7 turnover £3.12m profits £1.9m commissions 6 hrs commissioned 23 hrs tx’d 11 key shows Karate Kids (BBC) Freeze Frame (BBC) Sofa Surfers (BBC) Toy Soldiers (BBC) genre fact, drama, kids

65 Thumbs Up Productions

t 020 7902 9880 w md Marty Redman head of development TJ Sherbrooke head of production George Wong executive producer Cheryl Price staff 7 turnover £3m commissions 4 hrs commissioned 80 hrs tx’d 80 key shows Britain’s Next Top Model (Living) Sell Me the Answer (Sky One) Derek Acorah (Sky Real Lives) Kitchen Sink to Catwalk (Bio) genre ent, fact ent

66 Gogglebox Entertainment

t 020 79085039 w mds Mat Steiner, Adam Wood production executive Fran Peters staff 6 turnover £2.7m commissions 3 hrs commissioned 19 hrs tx’d 19 key shows Gerry’s Big Decision (C4) Trust Me I’m A Dealer (BBC2) Move Like Michael Jackson (BBC3) genre ent, fact ent

67= Oxford Scientific Films
t 020 7317 1330 w ceo Clare Birks executive producer Caroline Hawkins, Alice Keens-Soper head of development Joe Evans staff 8 turnover £2.5m commissions 6 hrs commissioned 19 hrs tx’d 2 key shows Fatal Attractions (Animal Planet US) History of Safari with Richard E. Grant (BBC) Impaled (Five) genre fact

67= Sixteen South
t 07989 946 330 w creative director Colin Williams development producer Chris Baugh finance director Seamus Devine staff 3 turnover £2.5m commissions 2 hrs commissioned 12 hrs tx’d 12 key shows Big City Park (CBeebies) Sesame Tree (CBeebies) genre kids

67= Summer Films
t 020 8996 5550 w md Susie Dark director Kevin Lane staff 7 turnover £2.5m profit £178k commissions 3 hrs commissioned 10 hrs tx’d 15 key shows My Shocking Story (Discovery Channel) The Hoff: When Scott Came to Stay (Living) Meet the Hasselhoffs (Living) genre fact, fact ent

70 Red Planet Pictures
t 01525 408 97
0 w md Tony Jordan head of development Simon Winstone staff 6 turnover £2.3m profit £486k commissions 3 hrs commissioned 16 hrs tx’d 15 key shows Crash (BBC1 Wales) Hustle (BBC1) History Cold Case (BBC1) genre fact, drama

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