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October 2017

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 30th exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 52 pages of analysis of the sector
  • Interview: Grant Mansfield
    Hiring top talent and investing heavily in development have been key to growing his Bristol indie Plimsoll Productions, says founder Grant Mansfield
  • The clear view: lenses
    What ever genre you work in, you need to be lens savvy. Here three DoPs guide us through the lens market, picking out the models they like to use in drama and factual
  • Over the top
    The growth of Netflix and Amazon is proving a boon for UK indies, but broadcasters are starting to panic. Tim Dams reports
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  • Blue Planet II
    The producers of Blue Planet II tell Tim Dams how tech advances and military planning helped them capture the secrets of the deep
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Production 100 2010 Back to Reports & survey Listing

32 Raw TV
t 020 7017 1650 w md Dimitri Doganis creative director Bart Layton executive producer Lucy Willis head of production Piers Vellacott staff 12 turnover £7.9m commissions 10 hrs commissioned 28 hrs tx’d 20 key shows Neighborhood Watched (BBC1) Breakout (NGC,Discovery-Canada, ITV) Fugitive Chronicles (A&E) genre fact, fact ent, kids

33 Nutopia
t 020 7299 3430 w ceo Jane Root md Laura Franses staff 10 turnover £7.7m key shows America The Story of US (History US) Where I Became Me (C4) genre fact ent

34= Spun Gold
t 020 7065 6900 w md Nick Bullen exec producer Matt Young finance director Simon Gray office manager Katja Martin staff 4 turnover £7.3m profits £528k commissions 10 hrs commissioned 104 hrs tx’d 104 key shows The Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV1) When Piers met Sir Cliff (ITV1) Claire Richards: My Big Fat Diet (BBC3) genre fact, fact ent

34= Steadfast Television
t 020 7471 9255 w exec chairman Charles Thompson md Simon Potter exec producers Oliver Wilson, Paul Crompton staff 10 turnover £7.3m profits £945k commissions 6 hrs commissioned 50 hrs tx’d 30 key shows Cars, Cops and Criminals (BBC1) Send in the Dogs (ITV1) Salvage Code Red (Nat Geo) genre fact, fact ent

36 Kindle Entertainment

t 020 7748 5277 w directors Anne Brogan, Melanie Stokes dir of production Val Ames dir of finance Lance Crossey staff 6 turnover £7m profit £556k commissions 4 hrs commissioned 11.5 hrs tx’d 10.5 key shows Some Dogs Bite (BBC) Jinx (BBC) Behind the Magic: Harry Potter (ITV) genre fact ent, drama, kids

37 Betty
t 020 7290 0660 w creative directors Liz Warner, Walter Iuzzolino md Andrew Conrad head of prod Sophy Walker staff 17 turnover £7m commissions 7 hrs commissioned 48 hrs tx’d 30+ key shows Country House Rescue (C4) The Big Food Fight (C4) My Dream Farm (C4) genre ent, fact, fact ent, drama

38= Atlantic Productions
t 020 8735 9300 w ceo Anthony Geffen dir of ops Ruth Sessions head of prod Olwyn Silvester staff 25 turnover £6.9m commissions 14 hrs commissioned 26.5 hrs tx’d 33 key shows Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor (BBC1) Predator X (Discovery) Iceland Volcano: The Next Eruption (Discovery, Five) genre fact

38= Somethin’ Else
t 020 7250 5500 w ceo Jez Nelson md Steve Ackerman dir of digital Paul Bennun staff 62 turnover £6.9m commissions 34 key shows Evo Music Rooms (C4) 1959: The Year That Changed Jazz (BBC4) genre ent, fact, fact ent

40 Monkey Kingdom

t 020 7749 3110 w directors David Granger, creative director Will Macdonald staff 12 turnover £6.8m commissions 10 hrs commissioned 40 hrs tx’d 34 key shows The Charlotte Church Show (C4) Young, Dumb and Living off Mum (BBC3) Comedy Roasts (C4) genre ent, fact, fact ent, drama

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