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December 2017

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  • The Televisual Commercials 30
    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual's exclusive annual report, the Commercials 30, and finds that while budgets are down and production companies are under threat from agency in-house units, commercials producers are finding new horizons beyond ads too.
  • Commercials 30: Best in Show
    Commercials producers also get to vote for their favourite directors, stand out ads and top rated agencies along with their favourite post houses, editors and vfx ops. We reveal the results
  • Commercials 30: The Top 30
    Televisual reveals the Commercials 30 itself, the 30 top rated commercials production companies in the UK
  • Music in Motion
    So what’s next for the music behind the commercials? Will it be another year in the ascendant for London Grime perhaps? Portugese house? Afro beats or the Angolan kuduro sound?
  • Televisual Factual Festival report
    Last month saw Televisual's annual Factual Festival return to Bafta. How to stand out in a world of ever increasing viewer choice was the big theme this time. Tim Dams reports
  • Alison Kirkham in interview
    At the Televisual Factual Festival, the BBC's controller of factual Alison Kirkham outlined the shows the corporation is looking for in the year ahead
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  • 2017: the year in review
    Two very different stories – the rise of SVOD players and the Harvey Weinstein abuse allegations – defined TV’s year. Tim Dams reports
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21 Leopard Films
t 020 7704 3300 w ceo James Burstall md Susie Field head of production Nicki Gottlieb staff 100 turnover £14m commissions 20 hrs commissioned 400 hrs tx’d 300 key shows Missing (BBC1) The Day the Immigrants Left (BBC1) An Englishman In New York (ITV1) genre fact, fact ent, drama, kids

Says Leopard chief exec James Burstall of the past year: “What it’s forced us all to do is examine the way we do business and the channels we’re working for and to look for ways to streamline and expand our client base and maximise budgets.” The company’s broadened out and “opened up some new clients,” he says, with a new reality show for CBBC and “we’ve opened up BBC3 with a contemporary doc we’re making.” In terms of consolidation within the indie market, he says Leopard is “passionate about being independent. We’ve had conversations and we’ve been looking at our options but I’m definitely not looking at selling out. What I am looking at is interesting, exciting, unusual and creative ways of developing the business. There’s a real sense of collaborative, creative business-like people wanting to devise new ways of working together.”

22 Stagereel
t 0151 282 9620 w chairman Prof. Paul Morrissey dir/executive producer David Morrissey dir/producer Jolyon Symonds staff 5-10 turnover £12m commissions 5 hrs commissioned 8 hrs tx’d 2 key shows Don’t Worry about Me (BBC) Sleepyhead (Sky) ScaredyCat (Sky) genre ent, fact ent, drama, kidsUnder its current name Stagereel, the Liverpool based indie formed by actor David Morrissey and his brother Paul, has only been around for nine months but its previous incarnation Tubedale Films has been around for a while making what chairman Paul Morrissey calls “cost inventive” features. “We changed the name because we didn’t want to have film at the centre of where we were. We wanted to do more film and television.” And that policy is paying off with two three-part dramas currently in post for Sky 1 – the first two adaptations of Mark Billingham’s Thorne detective books starring David Morrissey. And the indie won’t just be about David Morrissey projects, says Paul. “The original idea was to provide a vehicle [for David]. We’ve expanded the scope a bit now.”

23 Impossible Pictures
t 0207 467 1409 w creative director Tim Haines md Jonathan Drake executive producer Sophie Gardiner staff 17 turnover £11.7m commissions 6 hrs commissioned 27.5 hrs tx’d 14 key shows Primeval 3 (ITV) Blitz Street (C4) genre fact, drama, kids
“For the size of company we are, we’re unusual in that we’re cross genre,” says md Jonathan Drake of the indie that spans high-end factual and drama. It also houses two subsidiaries, 360 Production in Derry run by ex-Timewatch editor John Farren and Firestep, a kids’ specialists in Manchester. The company felt the sharp end of the recession a year ago when its sci fi drama Primeval was cancelled by a cash strapped ITV leading Impossible to do some quick thinking to finance the show and bring it to ITV at the right price. “That was an interesting signal of how the market was,” says Drake. “When you’ve got a show that pulled in big audiences and plays on terrestrial primetime right across the world and because of the recession it’s about to be killed.” Drake says the company has dealt with the downturn by focusing on core strengths – big budget, international high end factual and drama co pros.

24 Rondo Media
t 029 2022 3456 w chairman Robin Evans chief exec Gareth Williams staff 45 turnover £11.06m commissions 20 hrs commissioned 191 hrs tx’d 191 key shows The Indian Doctor (BBC1) 2010 Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod (S4C) Sgorio (S4C) genre ent, fact ent, drama, sport, fact

25 Greenlit Rights
t 0207 287 3545 w md Jill Green producer Eve Gutierrez staff 5 turnover £10.4m commissions 2 hrs commissioned 11 hrs tx’d 11 key shows Foyle’s War series 7 (ITV1) Vexed (BBC2) genre drama

26 Parthenon Entertainment

t 01923 286 886 w ceo Carl Hall director of production Danny Tipping commercial director Peter Pas staff 40 turnover £10m profit £2m commissions 10 hrs commissioned 28 hrs tx’d 22 key shows The Lost Symbol (Five) Mystery Files (NGCI) Wild Russia (NGCI) genre fact, kids

27 Pulse Films

t 020 7240 2414 w md Thomas Benski head of production Marisa Clifford head of TV Jonathan Stadlen staff 25 turnover £8.5m commissions 6 hrs commissioned 24 hrs tx’d 30 key shows Pineapple Dance Studios (Sky one) No Distance Left to Run (BBC2) Take That - The Circus (ITV1) genre ent, fact, fact ent, drama

28 Clerkenwell Films

t 020 7608 2726 w ceo Murray Ferguson staff 7 turnover £8.3m commissions 2 hrs commissioned 11 hrs tx’d 12.5 key shows Misfits (E4) Paradox (BBC) genre drama, comedy

29 Silver River Productions

t 020 7307 2720 w head girl Daisy Goodwin creative director Hilary Rosen head of production Sam Lawrence staff 15 turnover £8.2m commissions 8 hrs commissioned 48 hrs tx’d 48 key shows Grow Your Own Drugs (BBC) The Supersizers Eat (BBC) Oops TV (Sky) genre ent, drama, fact, fact ent

30= Big Talk Productions

t 0207 255 1131 w ceo Kenton Allen ceo Nira Park md Matthew Justice staff 20 turnover £8m commissions 4 hrs commissioned 10.5 hrs tx’d 3 key shows Rev (BBC2) Him & Her (BBC3) Friday Night Dinner pilot (C4) genre drama, ent

30= So Television
t 020 7960 2000 w company directors Graham Stuart, Graham Norton, Jon Magnusson head of production Rebecca Cotterill staff 8 turnover £8m profits £790k commissions 4 hrs commissioned 26.5 hrs tx’d 26.5 key shows The Graham Norton Show series 5&6 (BBC) Sorry I’ve Got No Head series 2 (CBBC) genre ent, fact ent, fact, kids

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