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November 2019

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 32nd exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 48 pages of analysis of the sector
  • Aim High
    10 page special report on production at the high end. We take a look at what’s new in colour management, pre visualisation, aerial filming, full frame shooting, the role of the DIT, working with Dolby Atmos, choosing the right codec, booking studios and
  • Drama: Genre Report
    As the streaming revolution gathers pace, with Apple TV+ and Disney+ now entering the SVOD fray, Tim Dams reports on the drama strategies of traditional broadcasters in an increasingly competitive market
  • Live Sport: Technology
    Live sports and events coverage, always on the cutting edge of innovation, is being transformed by new technology from remote production to 5G and immersive sound. Michael Burns reports
  • The Art of the Grade
    The grade provides a consistent ‘look’ to a drama, but a great grade can enhance mood, focus and narrative flow. Jon Creamer asks the experts behind Paddington, Ad Astra, Bohemian Rhapsody, Fleabag and more how it’s done
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The Commercials 30 2018 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Who are the rival commercials production companies you most respect?

01 Blink
Blink grabs the top spot in this year’s poll of the production companies most admired by their rivals. It wins votes for “consistently putting out great work across the different divisions” and for having “everything covered - animation, illustration, photography, live action - one stop shop.” Many rivals vote for it simply “because of Dougal Wilson,” the Blink director whose creative run shows no signs of slowing.

02 Riff Raff
Shooting up the Peer Poll is Riff Raff, admired by fellow production companies for its “interesting talent making fresh work.” Others mention its “amazing creative work” and its “very exciting emerging talent.” Another admirer comments that they’ve “been impressed at how they’ve managed to break through into the upper echelons of the industry in a relatively short space of time.”

03 Somesuch
Third place in the Peer Poll for Somesuch this time with rival companies saying it is “full to overflowing with talent” and is at the “top of its game, artistic, creative.” Others point to its “culturally relevant work” and “consistency” while others admire the breadth of the roster saying it is “continuing to develop new talent and push the most diverse roster in London.”

04 Academy
The Peer Poll’s fourth spot goes to Academy this year. Its rival companies vote for it because of its “top notch talent roster making premium work” and for “continuing to produce outstanding work.”

05 Rattling Stick
Rattling Stick comes in at fifth position in our poll of commercials producers’ favourite commercials producers. It’s lauded for its “consistently good films and good management/producers” its “great work” and “mainly because of Ringan [Ledwidge]” its well regarded director.

06 Outsider
Sixth for Outsider in this year’s Peer Poll on the back of being “always at the top of their game” and for producing “solid work.”

=07 Iconoclast
Iconoclast gets an equal seventh spot in the Peer Poll with producer rivals praising its “creative roster” and noting it has managed to release “two great movies this year whilst still making extraordinary ads and music videos.”

=07 Friend
Seventh for Friend too on the back of its “retained client relationships and exciting roster.”

=09 Pulse, Rogue, Biscuit 
Filmworks, Pulse, Smuggler, 
Pretty Bird
Equal ninth for Biscuit, Rogue, Pulse Films, Smuggler and Pretty Bird this time. Biscuit’s fans say it is “continuing to smash comedy” while Rogue is admired for having “good business sense” and Smuggler for “some lovely ads this year with Bose, IOC and Volvo.”

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