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April 2019

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  • The Art of Cinematography
    Four of the UK’s most highly-sought-after cinematographers give the low down on their approach to their craft
  • Drama Production: Round Table
    Televisual invited leading drama heads of production to discuss how their role is changing as more and more ambitious scripted projects are made
  • TV Studios
    Demand for full service television studios is high and more facilities are coming online soon. Pippa Considine reports on the changing market for shiny floor studios
  • The Top 10 Cameras
    Televisual’s annual top 10 listing of the UK’s most hired cameras is now in its thirteenth year. Jon Creamer counts down the most rented models of the past year and reveals what everyone will be hiring in the year ahead
  • Going Live
    In a two part special on live production, Michael Burns finds out how major events, from the Royal Wedding to the World Cup, were brought to screen and also looks into remote production as more live shows make use of the innovative technology
  • The Corporate 50
    Televisual’s exclusive annual survey of the UK’s corporate communications business. How was 2018 for the sector?
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Production Technology Survey 2018 Back to Reports & survey Listing

There’s been quite a major advance in High Dynamic Range delivery over the past year, according to our survey.  Last year when we asked how many people had been asked to deliver content in HDR, only 8% of our respondents said yes. This time that figure has risen to 31%, a huge leap in such a short period of time. In fact, in last year’s survey we also asked if respondents had even viewed HDR content and at that time 40% had not. Now the big streaming services are increasingly demanding an HDR version of their high-end content and the BBC is experimenting too. Most big movies are also creating an HDR version alongside SDR. It’s perhaps not surprising, HDR images do look like a big step forward and have the essential ‘wow’ factor for the viewer with big improvements in light, colour and detail in the shadows. The respondents to our survey seem confident that HDR will be here to stay too. We asked how long it will be until HDR becomes commonplace, 84% felt that would happen within three years and only 6% said it would never take off.

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