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June 2019

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48% of our respondents report that they have shot content in 4K resolution or above over the past year.
That figure is actually a slight drop on last year’s figure of 51% and is exactly the same as in our 2016 survey. That perhaps indicates that acquiring in 4K and above may take more time than many think to become ubiquitous. Of those that are shooting in 4K, some give the reason as a delivery requirement (producers working for Netflix for instance) but more say they are shooting in 4K to future proof their content, or to give greater options for cropping the image or for manipulating the image in post. The demand for 4K delivery has not grown considerably for productions outside of the very high end and that’s borne out by the fact that the percentage of respondents who had mastered in 4K or above actually had a slight drop this year; 27% had done so in last year’s survey whereas only 21% have mastered in 4K this time. However, most expect 4K to grow in importance. 67% said they expected to shoot in 4K in the coming 12 months whereas only 62% thought so in last year’s survey.

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