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June 2019

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Facilities 50 2018 Back to Reports & survey Listing

31 Onsight
34-35 Bedfordbury, London, WC2N 4DU
ceo Simon Craddock fac manager Rik Tester
genres TV, film, ads, promos
credits  Oceans: Our Blue Planet BBC Earth Productions/Giant Screen Films, Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons Netflix, The Elephant Queen Deeble & Stone / Apple
services audio (5.1, ADR), grading (HDR,4k,2k), vfx (2d, 3d), editing, film restoration, 3d, VR
turnover £4m
Producer 32nd Turnover 28th Peer -
“Following a restructure it has been a really positive year,” says Onsight, with content posted for Netflix and Apple and “many more 4K and HDR projects coming through the door.”

32 Twickenham
Twickenham Studios, The Barons, Twickenham
md Sunny Vohra fd Gemma McKeon
genres films, TV, ads credits McMafia, Black Mirror, All The Money In The World, ads for Halifax, Disney, Fenty Beauty
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR, Atmos), grading (4K, HDR), editing, TK (4k), studios
turnover £5m
Producer 41st Turnover 24th Peer -
Twickenham opened a new projected grading theatre as well as a Dolby Home Atmos dubbing theatre.

33 Outpost
Richmond House, 33 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth
md Danny Duke founder/ceo  Duncan McWilliam
genres film, TV, ads, corp
credits 22 July, Jack Ryan, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
services grading (2k, 4k,HDR), vfx (2d, 3d, animation) VR
turnover £3.5m
Producer 25th Turnover 32nd Peer -
“Between Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple and HBO there’s an ever-growing appetite for high end TV.  Vfx providers are expanding in order to service that demand,” says Outpost.

34 BBC Studioworks
BBC Elstree Centre, Hertfordshire; White City t 020 3327 7400
md David Conway post supervisor John Loughman
genres, TV, corporate
credits Strictly Come Dancing, Love Island: Aftersun, EastEnders
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (2k,4k), editing, TV studios
Producer - Turnover 25th Peer -
A “positive and successful year which has seen an expansion of the company with the reopening of Television Centre,” says BBC Studioworks. It says it’s also “seen the demand for integrated studio and post production offerings increase.”

35 Creativity Media
International House, 1 St. Katherine’s Way, London, E1W 1UN
md Patrick Fischer facility manager Jennifer Eriksson
genres film credits McQueen, Final Score, Maiden
services audio (Stereo 5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (2k, HDR, 4k), vfx (2d, 3d), editing, VR
turnover £3.8m
Producer 37th Turnover 31st Peer -
“Continued growth, especially in high end feature films and docs” this year says Creativity Media. “In film post production, it’s gotten busier and budgets have stabilised or even risen.”

36 Bluebolt
15-16 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RW t 020 7637 5575 
md Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor  facility manager Angela Barson
genres film, TV  credits Johnny English 3, Robin Hood, The Last Kingdom Season 3
services vfx (2d, 3d) editing 
turnover £5.5m
Producer - Turnover 23rd Peer -
A “busy year,”says Bluebolt with the company expanding from a head count of 60 to 90 due to an “increase in US TV projects coming to London.”

37 Big Buoy 
Poland St, London
mds Jim Allen, Colin Sumsion fac mgr Andy Salem
genres Ads, promos, corp, TV, film
credits Range Rover Dragon Challenge, Adidas Control by Predator, Argos 80 days of Argos
services audio (5.1, Atmos, Foley, ADR), grading (4k, HDR), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing
turnover £3.3m
Producer 29th Turnover 35th Peer -
Limited client time and budgets make providing edit, audio, grade and VFX under one roof more important, says Big Buoy.

38 Platform
6-7 D’Arblay Street, London
mds Jo Beighton, John Cryer, Simon Cruse fac manager Andy Oakley, Sonia Jawaheer, Jackie Sanders, Mal Woolford
genres TV, ads, corp
credits The Apprentice, This Country, Horizon
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, 3d, VR
turnover £2.6m
Producer - Turnover 38th Peer 9th
A good time for the boutique approach, says Platform, with clients “actively seeking a more personal approach.”

39 Serious
FilmCity Glasgow, 11 Merryland Street, Glasgow, G51 2QF
md Simon Cull fac manager Lesley Hannah genres TV
credits BBC Earth’s Natural Wonders, BBC Big Painting Challenge, Firecracker The Class of Mum and Dad
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR, Atmos) grading (HDR,2k,4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing,
turnover £3.5m
Producer 37th Turnover 33rd Peer -
Serious started its VFX company, SeriousFX, and will take a new building to house it.

40 Coda
73 Charlotte Street, London, UK, W1T 4PW
md Greg Walsh facility manager Steve Doran
genres TV, ads,
credits The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies Channel 5, Ganglands Channel 5, Netfix promos
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR, Atmos), grading (HDR, 2k, 4k) animation (2d, 3d) editing, VR
Producer 16th Turnover 45th Peer -
Coda says it’s “really focused on ourselves this year and how to improve workflows.” It says it has “worked closely with other post houses more than ever before, supporting and sharing knowledge, working collaboratively which will only help us all in the future.”

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