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June 2019

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Facilities 50 2018 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Every post house in The Facilities 50 is given the opportunity to vote for the rival companies they most respect and admire. Here we run through the ten most voted for outfits and highlight some of the reasons their rivals rate them highly

01 Framestore

Framestore gets the top spot in the Peer Poll this time with rivals admiring its “high quality effects work” and describing it as “a shining light for the British film industry” and a “consistent global power house of incredible film vfx.” Framestore is also admired for its sheer “scale” its “diverse offering” and “international outlook.”

02 The Mill
In at second in the Peer Poll this year is The Mill with its admirers pointing to its “strong creative” and “continued high level of output” with others simply saying that its “work is just exceptional.” Others point to its “very highly valued brand” and “strong profile within the market.” Like Framestore, The Mill is lauded for its “global reach.”

03 MPC
At number three is MPC. Its voters pick out the company’s “great CGI” as well as its “really strong technical and operational teams” and its “technical innovation and creative class.” It’s considered a “safe pair of hands” that produces “great work globally” operating “with huge budgets on the highest end features.”

04 The Farm
The Farm takes fourth postion in the Peer Poll. Its rivals give it plaudits for its “reputation and size” and for “just the sheer size of them. They’re the Goliath of the post world.” Others point to The Farm’s “good range of content” and for “working successfully across genres.” One voter simply says The Farm is “so consistent at being brilliant.”

=05 Time 
Based Arts
The quality of its work is the stand out reason that Shoreditch-based Time Based Arts gets so many shout outs from rivals: “True purveyors of craft” says one voter while others point to its “constant top quality work” and for being “creatively led” and “punching above its weight” producing “consistently high quality.”

=05 Envy
It’s equal fifth spot this time for Envy in the Peer Poll. The company is envied for its “great business model’ and its “continuity.” Voters describe Envy as “consistent in its work and growth” and say that its “returning client base is a huge hint at calibre for us.” Others point to its “continued excellence and professionalism across broadcast and commercials.”

07 Molinare
“Talented, knowledgeable and professional delivering really high quality output time and again” is the reason one voter gives for naming Molinare, which takes seventh spot on the Peer Poll in this year’s survey. The company is also considered “engaging and open” and is admired for its “full post offering - its mix of film and TV.”

08 Films at 59
Bristol’s Films at 59 gets eighth spot this year on the back of being a “great post production facility with nice people who genuinely care about their work and their clients’ work.” It’s lauded for its “talent and great work” and for “continuing to attract new clients to Bristol.” Others say “their portfolio shows them as a top facility.”

=09 Fifty Fifty, 
Freefolk, Halo, 
Platform, Technicolor
Five facilities share equal ninth in this year’s Peer Poll. Fifty Fifty gets its slot for being “fun and growing” while offering a “boutique and personal” service. Freefolk wins votes for being a “creative, friendly boutique facility” and a “genuinely a nice group of people.” Halo, also in ninth, wins plaudits for “covering a wide spectrum including high end feature films” as well as for being “relaxed and cool.” Platform gets ninth for its “successful, diverse slate” and its “range of work and talent.” Technicolor in ninth is considered “technically awesome” and is admired for its“volume of vfx and grading work on tentpole movies.”

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