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Facilities 50 2018 Back to Reports & survey Listing

A post house’s reputation among its customers is vital to its success. Here we collate opinions from producers across the board to discover who has the best name in 
the business

How it works
The producer poll is collated from three separate Televisual surveys in which we ask hundreds of producers to name the post houses they use and rate the most. Broadcast producer votes come from the Production 100 survey, commercials producer votes from the Commercials 30 and corporate producer votes from our Corporate 50.

01 The Mill

It’s The Mill that gets the number one position this time in our poll of producers’ favourite post houses. Clients vote for The Mill “for always pushing boundaries and doing consistently great work” and for its “polished, beautiful films.” It also picks up votes for being “always good, always creative.” Others say that The Mill is “the most pioneering and inventive of the post houses within advertising” while its other producer fans send votes to The Mill because “they’re the best when it comes to really tough briefs.” The Mill also wins votes from its producer clients because they say it has “the best creative post talent” while others consider it to be a “team of the most knowledgeable operators and producers in the industry.”

02 The Farm
There’s a step up the Producer Poll this year for The Farm, from fifth to second place, with one voter saying the company is “becoming a British institution.” The Farm’s team gets mentions from clients with producers pointing to “the commitment of the staff” and the company’s “standard of service.” Others say that The Farm is “always brilliant with a lot of creative staff we trust as the ‘creme-de-la-creme’.” Producers also point to The Farm being “flexible and welcoming” with voters describing the facility as “very flexible with price. They always do a good deal to make the project work. They are then nimble of foot when providing facilities and schedule.” Producers also point to The Farm’s “high quality finishing.”

03= MPC
Getting to equal third position this time in the Producer Poll is movie and advertising vfx specialist MPC. MPC picks up plaudits from its clients “for its dedication” with producers praising the company for going the extra mile saying it “always goes the distance and they care.” MPC is one of the longest established post houses in the UK and has retained clients over the years with one voter picking it out because of their “long existing history and relationship with them.” MPC works on a lot of the higher end projects both in commercials and feature films and producers describe MPC as “nice folks and quality product across the board.” The company is also at the cusp of technology and also wins votes for “innovation, with good people.”

03= Envy
Envy takes equal third too this year with its clients lauding it for its unflabbability: “totally calm, capable and great in a last minute crisis,” is how one puts it. Others praise Envy for its “good communication and follow through. Technical support are also strong and will work to clients’ needs.” Other departments also get a mention:  “good relations with bookings team, efficient, organised workflows, lovely buildings and skilled operators.” Other voters similarly point to Envy’s “great customer service and operators” and its “lovely facility.” The facility’s scale is also picked out as a plus point with voters saying it “can handle volume.”

05 Splice
In at five in the Producer Poll this year is Shoreditch based facility Splice. As well as being praised by its client fans for its “great facilities,” Splice’s personnel also get a few mentions with producer voters picking out its “nice” “great” and “attentive” team. Splice also wins votes from its clients for being “good all rounders, with a helpful team and they offer competitive quotes.” Others also make mention of Splice’s competitiveness on price with one fan saying “they are efficient, competitively priced and their work is very high-quality” with still more producer voters saying of Splice that it has a “good location” and is ”good on price.”

06 Framestore
Framestore has plenty of  producer admirers, unsurprising after a year that includes credits like Blade Runner 2049, Ready Player One, Christopher Robin and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. This year the facility manages to get the sixth place in the overall poll of producers’ favourite post houses. It gets plaudits from its voters for its “consistent high quality” and for being “always reliable.” Framestore has also built a reputation as a post house on the cutting edge of technology and its producer voters pick out the company for being a “great bunch of people pushing tech in interesting ways” with other voters picking it out for its work in VR, AR and MR.

07 Time 
Based Arts
Time Based Arts take a leap up the Producer Poll this year on the back of work like the amazing Nike Nothing Beats a Londoner spot. The Shoreditch facility is described as “very clever thinking with excellent craft” while another client votes for TBA for its “quiet confidence , creativity and loyalty to the emerging generation of talent they have grown up with.”

08 Evolutions
In at eighth is Evolutions whose personnel get a mention. “Helpful staff” is one comment while others point to the company’s “friendly and professional” attitude. Producers point to the “scale of their operations” that allows the facility to be “great with large complex workflows.” It’s also lauded for being “great at working to tight schedules and “extremely flexible.”

09 Halo
“Great grading, lovely facilities, great for sound design” is how one producer voter sums up their regard for Halo who pick up the ninth spot in the Poll. Another client says of Halo “great producers, very helpful, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with talent in finishing.” Halo’s “4K and 3D post production facilities” are also given as a reason for a vote as is commercial director Will Garbutt.

10 Molinare

Molinare, now operating out buildings across Soho and Shoreditch, takes the tenth position in this year’s Producer Poll. The company, which posts a wide range of content from theatrical features through to high end drama and documentary is praised by its producer voters for its “comprehensive capability” across a range of disciplines from editing to vfx to grading and audio post production.

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