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December 2017

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  • The Televisual Commercials 30
    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual's exclusive annual report, the Commercials 30, and finds that while budgets are down and production companies are under threat from agency in-house units, commercials producers are finding new horizons beyond ads too.
  • Commercials 30: Best in Show
    Commercials producers also get to vote for their favourite directors, stand out ads and top rated agencies along with their favourite post houses, editors and vfx ops. We reveal the results
  • Commercials 30: The Top 30
    Televisual reveals the Commercials 30 itself, the 30 top rated commercials production companies in the UK
  • Music in Motion
    So what’s next for the music behind the commercials? Will it be another year in the ascendant for London Grime perhaps? Portugese house? Afro beats or the Angolan kuduro sound?
  • Televisual Factual Festival report
    Last month saw Televisual's annual Factual Festival return to Bafta. How to stand out in a world of ever increasing viewer choice was the big theme this time. Tim Dams reports
  • Alison Kirkham in interview
    At the Televisual Factual Festival, the BBC's controller of factual Alison Kirkham outlined the shows the corporation is looking for in the year ahead
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  • 2017: the year in review
    Two very different stories – the rise of SVOD players and the Harvey Weinstein abuse allegations – defined TV’s year. Tim Dams reports
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We asked the commercials production companiies about the rival commercials production companies they most respect?

01 Somesuch
Somesuch takes first position in the Peer Poll again this year with fellow production houses citing its “talent and freshness.” Its roster also pulls in compliments with one voter simply saying,  “Kim Gehrig, Daniel Wolfe, Aoife McArdle – what’s not to like?” Its peers also say of Somesuch, “they make good work with talented young directors” while others say it is “continuing to make some of the most exciting commercial and music video work as well as championing new young, diverse directors.”

=02 academy
It’s equal second for Academy in the Peer Poll this time with its voters describing it as “consistently strong at the top end and with a great eye for new talent.” There’s praise for the management too with one voter saying “Lizie [Gower] and Simon [Cooper] are extremely focused and keep a very talented roster busy. ” There’s all round praise from others, with voters giving it the thumbs up “for its consistency in producing beautiful work and the stable of directors they represent”

=02 rattling stick
Rattling Stick also gets second spot in the Peer Poll with voters pointing to its recent work for “Audi, Mercedes, Jose Cuervo, Bernardo’s” while another simply cites ”Ringan” as reason enough.

=02 rogue
There’s an equal second for Rogue too. That’s down to the fact that “they’ve grown from a very small company to being one of the best and most impressive and produce consistently brilliant work (the bastards!!!)” Others say Rogue does “standout work and they are nice people to work with (from what we hear). They share our ethos for top quality talent and production, alongside exceptional service.”

05 blink
Blink takes fifth position in the poll on the back of its “consistently high levels of work” and for “Dougal [Wilson] and good leadership.”

=06 outsider
Joint sixth for Outsider in this year’s poll for producing “a good range of quality work across many genres” and for its “consistent solid work.”

=06 riff raff
Riff Raff also takes sixth place with voters saying “[owner] Matt Fone is a straight talking decent fella, and creatively they have pushed the boundaries and have really rattled the old guard production companies.”

08 Smuggler
Smuggler gets eighth spot for its “good, varied work,” and for being a “top level company with a very good year going for them.”

=09 biscuit, filmworks,
Picasso Pictures,
Pretty Bird, Pulse Flms

Equal ninth for Biscuit, Picasso, Pretty Bird and Pulse Films.  Biscuit’s voters point to “great work from Jeff Low, as well as the fantastic EP in Hanna Bayatti.” Pretty Bird’s fans point to its “love and time given to music videos.”

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