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March 2018

In the magazine
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  • Genre report - Entertainment and comedy
    In a two-part special, Tim Dams reports on TV’s fresh focus on entertainment, and new directions in comedy
  • The art of cinematography
    Four leading DoPs tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they used to create hits like Jason Bourne, The King’s Speech, Lion and Sherlock
  • The Top Ten Cameras
    Televisual’s annual survey reveals the UK’s most hired cameras of the year and uncovers the models everyone will be shooting on in the year ahead
  • TV Studios
    The television studios sector is in flux, amid a spate of closures and re-developments. Pippa Considine reports on a changing studios landscape
  • Take it outside
    Major technical advances such as UHD, HDR and IP are driving big changes in the outside broadcast market. Michael Burns reports
  • And lots more
    This issue also features the Televisual Corporate 50, bright ideas for lighting, how post houses are dealing with the data bulge and pages showcasing the best creative work in UK post and vfx
From the magazine
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  • Game On for C4 & Netflix drama
    Set in the world of computer gaming, C4 and Netflix’s Kiss Me First combines live action and impressive cg animation. Tim Dams reports
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Facilities 50 2016 Back to Reports & survey Listing

41 Rapid Pictures
21-25 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8QQ t 020 8743 8053 md Ellie Carden, Ben Plumb genres TV, films credits Korean Food Made Simple with Judy Joo, Escape to the Chateau, Paul Merton’s Secret Stations services audio (5.1, Foley), grading (4k), vfx, editing, restoration
turnover £1.9m 
Producer 32nd Turnover 41st Peer 16th

2016 has been “extremely busy” says Rapid. “Our clients have a lot of new commissions rather than just returning series, which is exciting.” It’s also reporting a big rise in 4k and UHD work.

=42 Silverglade
2.05 Cargo Works, 1-2 Hatfields, London, SE1 9PG 
t 020 7827 9510 md Jason Tomkins facility manager Liz Smith genres TV, corporate, ads credits The Investigator - A British Crime Story, The Great African Migration, The Estate We Are In services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), editing, film restoration turnover £2.67m Producer – Turnover 34th Peer -

Silverglade says 2016 has been good so far. “We’ve made a conscious decision to diversify our genres to include more documentary work, and to spread our work across more production companies.”

=42 West Digital
59 Goldhawk Road,
Shepherds Bush, W12 8EG 
t 020 8743 5100 
md Peter Zacaroli, Darren Cock facility manager 
Lucie Jennings 
genres TV, corporate, film
credits Sir Alex Ferguson: Secrets of Success,
Sir David Attenborough at 90, Shell’s Eco Marathon 
services audio (5.1),
grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, telecine (4k), TV studios 
turnover £1.6m Producer 32nd Turnover 49th Peer 12th

44 Nice Biscuits
20 Eastcastle Street,
t 020 7855 3619
md Rachael Shaw
facility manager
Lesley Queen
genres ads, TV,
promos, corporate
credits 02 Big Bundles,
House of Fraser Christmas, Lexus, Gucci, Tiffany
services audio, grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, camera hire, VR
turnover £2m
Producer –
Turnover 40th Peer 16th

45 Coda
73 Charlotte Street,
London, UK, W1T 4PW
md Greg Walsh
facility manager
Steve Daron
TV, ads, 
corporate, promos
credits The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies, The War 
in Vietnam, Jaguar F-Type ads
services audio (5.1,
Foley, ADR), grading (4k),
vfx (2d, 3d), editing, VR
turnover N/A
Producer 32nd
Turnover 45th
Peer -

46 Fifty Fifty
24 D’Arblay Street, 
London, W1F 8EH 
md Cara Kotschy 
head of production 
Richard Folley
genres TV, ads, film, corporate 
credits Autopsy: The Last Hours of..., Six Nations titles and bumpers, The Complete Walk for Globe Theatre 
services audio (5.1, 
Foley, ADR), grading (4k), 
vfx (2d, 3d), editing, 
camera hire, VR 
turnover £1.8m 
Producer - Turnover 44th Peer 16th

47 Nineteentwenty
4th Floor, 
Radiant House, 
36-38 Mortimer 
Street, London, 
W1W 7RG; Bristol 
md Scott Griffin 
customer service 
Sally Pritchett 
genres ads 
credits Flash A-Ha, 
BP Orby, Castello 
Beautiful Chaos 
services vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, VR turnover £1.66m 
Producer 32nd Turnover 48th Peer 12th

48 Locomotion
1-8 Bateman’s 
Buildings, South
Soho Square, 
London, W1D 3EN 
md Danny Coster 
facility manager 
Jen Reznick 
genres corporate, ads 
credits Amigo Loans, Wagamama Digital, 
Go Ape 
services grading (HD), 
vfx (2d, 3d, animation), 
editing, camera hire 
turnover £2.26m 
Producer - Turnover 39th Peer -

49 Creativity Media
International House, 
1 St. Katherine’s Way, 
London, E1W 1UN 
md Patrick Fischer 
facility manager
Jennifer Eriksson 
genres film, ads 
credits Swallows & Amazons, 47 Meters Down, 
Under the Shadow 
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, animation), editing, 3d stereoscopic 
turnover £1.9m 
Producer - Turnover 41st Peer -

50 Timeline TV
Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, 
London, W5 5EP; 
Broadwick Street, London; MediaCityUK, Salford; Here East, Stratford 
md Daniel McDonnell 
facility manager Paul Tovee genres TV, corporate, ads credits BBC Music Day, Speedway Grand Prix, CBBC The Dumping Ground 
services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d), editing, camera hire, TV studios turnover £1.5m Producer 32nd Turnover 50th Peer -

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