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July 2018

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  • Live and direct
    From concerts to cup finals and ceremonial occasions, live events are increasingly important to broadcasters. Tim Dams reports
  • Cutting comments
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation who’ve shaped films from Top Gun to Wonderwoman 
to Sweeney Todd, tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
  • All the World's a stage
    …And nowhere more than the UK, where studios are coping with an unprecedented demand for studio space from TV and film productions. Pippa Considine reports
  • Let's get high
    From the shoot to final delivery, Michael Burns discovers the best route to HDR
  • Tools of the trade
    Televisual’s annual Production Technology Survey reveals the kit that producers are using to make their content – and what they think of it. Jon Creamer reports
  • Get some focus
    Major changes in the camera market have 
made lens choice more important than 
ever. Phil Rhodes runs through some of 
the best options for programme makers
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  • The art of the edit
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
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Production 100, 2016 Back to Reports & survey Listing

The Indie Groups

The UK indie sector has consolidated amid a spate of big money takeovers and deals over the past decade. However, the past 12 months has seen buyers become much more cautious about paying large sums to acquire indie producers. All3Media’s acquisition of drama indie New Pictures is the only major UK deal to take place this year.

Instead, the big indie groups have focused on funding start up indies or taking minority stakes in more established, but smaller producers. FremantleMedia, for example, has taken 25% stakes in fledgling indies including Dancing Ledge, Wild Blue Media, Dr Pluto and Man Alive. Channel 4 now has minority stakes in 11 indies through its Growth Fund. BBC Worldwide and Greenbird Media also have stakes in a number of indies.

The A-Z list opposite sets out the indies that each of the major groups owns outright or has minority stakes in. ITV Studios is the biggest group, with UK revenues of £574m. (Its indies do not take part in the Production 100 as ITV refuses to disclose turnover for its companies). ITV is followed by Endemol Shine (owned by Twenieth Century Fox and Apollo), All3Media (Discovery and Liberty Global) and Fremantle Media UK (RTL).

The superindie groups account for 76% of total revenues of production companies in the Production 100. This figure only includes indies which are majority owned by a parent company.

Indie groups

North One, Bentley, Optomen, Lion, Company, Lime, Maverick, Objective, Studio Lambert, Neal Street, New Pictures, Little Dot, Caravan

Leopard Films, Leopard Drama, Remedy, Windfall, The Bridge, BrightSpark, Transparent, Blacklisted Films

Avalon TV, Liberty Bell, Flame, Topical

RDF, IWC, Bwark, 
Touchpaper, Comedy Unit, Foundation

BBC Worldwide
Cuba, Amazing, Mighty, Red Planet, Greenbird Media, Lookout Point, Baby Cow, Clerkenwell, Sprout, House Productions, 72 Films

Channel 4
Barcroft, Arrow, Eleven Film, Lightbox Media, Popkorn Media, Renowned Films, Spelthorne Community TV, True North, Voltage, Whisper Films

Raw TV, Betty

Endemol Shine
Shine, Princess, Kudos, Dragonfly, Lovely Day, Brown Eyed Boy, Channel Flip, Remarkable, Tigress, Tiger Aspect, Zeppotron, DSP, Initial, House of Tomorrow, Artists Studio, Bandit, Cave Bear, Fifty Fathoms, Wild Mercury, Sidney Street, Douglas Road

Fremantle Media UK
Thames, Talkback, Boundless, Retort, Newman Street, Euston Films, Shotglass, Dancing Ledge, Full Fat TV, Wild Blue Media, Dr Pluto, Man Alive

Greenbird Media
Tuesday’s Child, Crackit, Rumpus, Handsome, Riverdog, Big Light, Hello Halo, Gobstopper, Pi, Top Hat

ITV Studios
12 Yard, Big Talk, The Garden, So Television, Mammoth Screen, Possesed, Noho, Cats on the Roof, Route 24, Twofour Group (Twofour, Boom, Boomerang, Mainstreet, Oxford Scientific, Delightful Industries)

Marcus Evans Group
World Productions

NBC Universal
Carnival, Monkey, Chocolate Media, Lucky Giant, Working Title TV, Heyday Television

Red Arrow
CPL, Nerd TV, Endor

Love, Blast!, Znak&Jones, Sugar

Left Bank, Gogglebox, Electric Ray, Stellify, Blueprint TV, Fable Pictures
Red Production

Firecracker, Mentorn, Pioneer, Sunset+Vine, Tinopolis Wales, Daybreak, Fiction Factory, fFatti

Tin Roof
Blink Films

Warner Bros
Wall to Wall, Ricochet, Twenty Twenty, Renegade, Headstrong, Watershed, Yalli

William Morris Endeavour

IMG Media

Zinc Media
Blakeway, Brook Lapping, 
Films of Record, Reef

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