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March 2018

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  • Genre report - Entertainment and comedy
    In a two-part special, Tim Dams reports on TV’s fresh focus on entertainment, and new directions in comedy
  • The art of cinematography
    Four leading DoPs tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they used to create hits like Jason Bourne, The King’s Speech, Lion and Sherlock
  • The Top Ten Cameras
    Televisual’s annual survey reveals the UK’s most hired cameras of the year and uncovers the models everyone will be shooting on in the year ahead
  • TV Studios
    The television studios sector is in flux, amid a spate of closures and re-developments. Pippa Considine reports on a changing studios landscape
  • Take it outside
    Major technical advances such as UHD, HDR and IP are driving big changes in the outside broadcast market. Michael Burns reports
  • And lots more
    This issue also features the Televisual Corporate 50, bright ideas for lighting, how post houses are dealing with the data bulge and pages showcasing the best creative work in UK post and vfx
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  • Game On for C4 & Netflix drama
    Set in the world of computer gaming, C4 and Netflix’s Kiss Me First combines live action and impressive cg animation. Tim Dams reports
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Facilities 50 2009 Back to Reports & survey Listing

31 Banana Split Productions
Md Laura Traill
Facility manager Anthony Tampin
Customer service Karen Turner
Genres Commercials, TV
Credits Lidl ad, Strictly Come Dancing Live DVD
Services audio (stereo), grading (SD), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, DVD, Blu-ray, TV studios Turnover £4m
KIT 29th PRODUCER 66th= TURNOVER 22nd=

32 Bravo Post
Md Tracey Bravo
Facility manager Maria Symeou
Customer service Becky Evans
Genres Corporate, new media, TV, ads
Credits Da Dick and Dom Dairies, Expedia ads, Kenwood ads
Services grading (2k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, DVD, Blu-ray
Turnover £1m
KIT 38th= PRODUCER 19th TURNOVER 47th=

Roughly half of Bravo’s work is for the corporate sector, which has been hit particularly hard by the unfavourable financial climate. The post house reports that budget cuts have, if anything, got even worse in the last few months and the last quarter has been “fairly quiet”. It is keeping expenditure to a minimum and “sitting tight” but md Tracey Bravo says “things are definitely starting to pick up now.”

Although known for its corporate work, the company’s roster of projects over the last year includes commercials for Expedia and Kenwood and Da Dick and Dom Dairies for the BBC. Bravo prides itself on using the most up-to-date and well maintained equipment and its planned investment over the coming year (recession pending) includes grading kit and a move into audio.

33 Editworks
Md Graham Hutchings
Facility manager Lara Horgan
Customer service Jackie Tyler
Genres TV, corporate
Credits The Graham Norton Show, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, Jamie Saves Our Bacon
Services audio (5.1), grading (HD), vfx (2d, 3d), editing Turnover £2.2m
KIT 44th= PRODUCER 42nd= TURNOVER 31st

Some 90% of Editworks business comes from broadcast TV, and it has a particularly strong background in editing high profile entertainment and factual entertainment series such as The Graham Norton Show, Harry Hill’s TV Burp and Jamie Saves Our Bacon.

Its other key focus is corporate television. Editworks offers services across audio, grading, vfx, editing as well as DVD replication. The post house employs 28 staff in total, with senior creatives including editors Graham Hutchings, Mark Sangster and Perry Widdowson as well as head of sound Adrian Smith. Over the past year, Editworks has invested in upgrades for its Adrenalines as well as in new Adrenalines. In the coming year, it’s looking at investing in Pro Tools for its audio systems, and is looking at a Baselight grading system.

34 Brighton tv
Md David Pounds
Technical director Jon Lee
Customer service Susan Tunstall
Genres TV, corporate, films
Credits The Great Italian Escape, Vertical City, Glyndebourne’s Hansel und Gretel
Services audio (5.1, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d), editing, Blu-ray, film restoration, Stereo 3d production and post
Turnover £2.6m

35 Mwnci
Md Richard Moss
Facility manager Eve Moss
Customer service Eve Moss
Genres TV, corporate, films
Credits Amazon with Bruce Parry, Grandpa In My Pocket, In Prison My Whole Life
Services grading (HD), vfx (2d), editing, Blu-ray, TV studios, OB vehicles
Turnover £1m
KIT 42nd= PRODUCER 18th TURNOVER 47th=

36 Rapid Pictures
Mds Jim Nichols, Brian Marshall
Facility manager Ben Plumb
Customer service Elouise Carden-Bell
Genres TV, corporate, commercials, new media
Credits UK BorderForce, Homes Under the Hammer, Milkshake
Services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (HD), editing, DVD, Blu-ray
Turnover £1.6m
KIT 34th= PRODUCER 42nd= TURNOVER 36th=

Md David Jackson
Facility manager Damien Lynch
Customer service Richard Wallwork
Genres Commercials, TV, corporate
Credits Dragons Den titles, Party Gaming advertising, Iceland Foods ads
Services audio (5.1), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, DVD
Turnover £1.7m
KIT 55th= PRODUCER 36th= TURNOVER 34th=

38= Big Bang
Director Tim Bolt
Facility manager Sarah Miller
Customer service Sarah Miller
Genres TV
Credits Life, Nature’s Great Events, Secret Millionaire, Deadly 60
Services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), editing
Turnover £1.2m
KIT 31st= PRODUCER 42nd= TURNOVER 42nd=

38= Halo
Mds John Rogerson
Facility manager Jo Beighton
Customer service Rowan Bray
Genres TV
Credits Horizon, Mutual Friends, Bo Selecta
Services audio (5.1, foley, ADR), grading (2k), editing
Turnover £2m
KIT 35th= PRODUCER 53rd= TURNOVER 33rd=

39 Serioussavalas

Mds Simon Cull, Kahl Henderson
Facility managers Simon Cull, Kahl Henderson
Customer service Lesley Weir
Genres TV, films, commercials
Credits Personal Affairs, Valhalla Rising, Subway
Services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, DVD, Blu-ray Turnover £1.3m
KIT 20th= PRODUCER 57th= TURNOVER 40th=

40 VTR North
Mds Carl Walters, Chris Birks, Spencer Bain
Customer service Greg Baldwin, Helen Green
Genres Commercials, TV, corporate
Credits DFS ads, Kevin McCloud and the Big Town Plan
Services audio (stereo), vfx (2d, 3d), editing, DVD
Turnover £1.2m
KIT 55th= PRODUCER 36th= TURNOVER 42nd=

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