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October 2017

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 30th exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 52 pages of analysis of the sector
  • Interview: Grant Mansfield
    Hiring top talent and investing heavily in development have been key to growing his Bristol indie Plimsoll Productions, says founder Grant Mansfield
  • The clear view: lenses
    What ever genre you work in, you need to be lens savvy. Here three DoPs guide us through the lens market, picking out the models they like to use in drama and factual
  • Over the top
    The growth of Netflix and Amazon is proving a boon for UK indies, but broadcasters are starting to panic. Tim Dams reports
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  • Blue Planet II
    The producers of Blue Planet II tell Tim Dams how tech advances and military planning helped them capture the secrets of the deep
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Corporate 50 2016 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Each year, we ask respondents to the survey to nominate the rival companies they admire the most. Here are the  most voted for corporates

01= Casual Films

Casual Films moves into joint first for its “soul and purpose” and “commitment to sustainability” as well its “warm, engaging work.”  Others say Casual “represents what’s positive about the corporate sector.”

01= The Edge
The Edge continues its long run at the top of the peer poll. It picks up votes for “producing some of the best looking corporate work ever” as well as “consistency and longevity” and also simply for “for the amount of awards they win.”

03= Lonely Leap
“Always producing interesting, original new work” say Lonely Leap’s voters.

03= Scorch London

Described as “relentlessly creative” by one voter. Others point to Scorch’s “impressive breadth of services, great clients” and for bringing “strong creative concepts to their films along with high production values.”

05 Jack Morton

Admired for its “scale, creativity and ambition” as well as its ability to “deliver fresh stuff” and just for being “always up there.”

06= Armoury Films
Many voters pick out Armoury Films’ “high quality” output and admire “the high production standards and creativity they apply to all their work.”

06= Merchant Cantos
“Solid, business like, sharp” is one voter’s take on Merchant Cantos. Others point to its “steady, good quality” and ability to “consistently deliver to a high standard.”

08 Pukka Films
“Inspiring” is how many fellow corporates describe Pukka. “They managed to do what a number of production companies have dreamed about doing and produced a well-received feature film while keeping the business afloat.”

09= Big Button
Big Button is admired for its “really strong corporate focus” as well as for creating “interesting social productions.”

09= DRP
“They provide a one stop service for clients at low pricing” says one voter. Others say DRP is “set up so well.”

09= Imagination

Imagination’s fans say “they’ve set the benchmark.”

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