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November 2018

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  • The Facilities 50
    Jon Creamer launches Televisual's 31st exclusive annual Facilities 50 survey featuring the top post production houses in the UK and 48 pages of analysis of the sector
  • The Commercials 30
    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual’s exclusive Commercial 30 survey, reporting on a year of highs and lows for commercials producers.
  • The Drama Genre Report
    With competition from streamers intensifying, UK broadcasters are exploring new drama strategies. Tim Dams reports
  • Primary Colours
    Five leading movie colourists tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they use to grade movies like The Danish Girl, Peterloo and Baby Driver
  • Up, up and away!
    Thanks to advances in camera technology, the possibilities of aerial filming are greater than ever before. Pippa Considine reports on some of the year’s standout aerial projects
  • OB: Which Way Now
    The OB industry is embracing major change as it adapts to the worlds of UHD, HDR and IP. Michael Burns reports
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Facilities 50 2015 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Platform Post 
6 D’Arblay Street, London, W1F 8DN Mds John Cryer, Simon Cruse, David Tasker Facility manager Andy Oakey, Rob Newlove, Jackie Sanders
Genres TV, ads
Credits First Class Chef, Newzoids, C4 Dubai Grand National Sponsorship
Services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, film restoration
Turnover £2.5m
Producer 35th= Turnover 38th Peer 18th=

1 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PA 
t 020 7734 3299 Md Derek Moore Customer services Leonie Moreton
Genres TV, ads, corporate, films, promo
Credits Versace Eros, Wonders of the Monsoon, Domino’s Dodgems
Services audio (stereo) grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, film restoration
Turnover £2.6m
Producer 31st= Turnover 36th= Peer 18th=

40-44 Clipstone Street, London W1W 5DW; The GloWorks, Porth Teigr Way, Cardiff, CF10 4GA 
Md Will Cohen Fac manager Cigdem Worthington
Genres TV, film
Credits Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Beowulf, Thunderbirds Are Go, The Divergent Series: Insurgent
Services vfx (2d, 3d, animation)
Turnover £6m
Producer – Turnover 21st= Peer –

Directors Cut
6-10 Great Portland Street,
London, W1W 8QL t 020 7637 7342 Md Mark Manning Facility manager Clive Kingston
Genres TV, film
Credits Rock ‘n’ Roll America, Love Your Garden, Hermitage Revealed
Services audio (5.1, ADR), grading (2k), editing
Turnover £2.4m
Producer 23rd= Turnover 39th= Peer 18th=
Director’s Cut describes the past year as “stable with some growth” and is gearing up for more. “We intend to take on more space to increase capacity in all areas,” it says.

Gramercy Park studios
25 Great Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9LT t 020 8081 9000
Md Richard Ireland
Genres Ads, promos, corporate, TV
Credits Betfair Horse Racing, Homebase Xmas, Lego Kronkiwongi, Marylin Manson Deep Six
Services audio (5.1), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d), editing
Turnover £4m
Producer 45th= Turnover 28th Peer –

Flix Facilities
7th Floor, White Tower, MediaCity UK, Salford M50 2NT
t 0161 729 1072
Md Leo Casserly
Genres TV, corporate, ads
Credits Rip Off Britain, So Awkward, Old Jack’s Boat
Services audio (5.1, Foley, ADR), grading (4k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing
Turnover £2.6m
Producer – Turnover 36th= Peer 12th=

Storm HD
11-13 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP t 020 7520 5000 Mds Tim Wheeler, Paul Ingvarsson Facility manager Gail Roberts
Genres TV, corporate
Credits Big Birds with David Attenborough, Celebrity 15 to 1, Pound Shop Wars
Services audio (5.1, foley, ADR), grading (4k) vfx (2d, animation), editing
Turnover £1.5m
Producer 18th Turnover 48th= Peer 12th=

66-68 Margaret Street, London,
t 020 7580 8154
Md Philip Dobree
Genres TV, ads, film, corporate
Credits Floogals, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, Sofaworks Sloth
Services grading (2k), vfx (2d, 3d, animation, MG), editing
Turnover £3.5m 

Producer 41st=
Turnover 30th=
Peer –

Rapid Pictures
21-25 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8QQ t 020 8743 8053
Md Elouise Carden, Ben Plumb Facility manager Ben Plumb
Genres TV, films, corporate, ads
Credits The Three Day Nanny, Footy Pups, BBC Imagine
Services audio (5.1), grading (4k), vfx (2d), editing, restoration
Turnover £1.7m
Producer 31st= Turnover 44th= Peer 12th=

Edit 123
123 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 4EN t 0141 248 3123
Md Malcolm McCalister
Facility manager Colin Seeley
Genres TV, corporate, ads
Credits Location, Location, Location
Services audio (stereo, Foley, ADR), grading (HD), vfx (2d, 3d, animation), editing, camera/crew hire
Turnover £1.9m
Producer 22nd Turnover 43rd Peer -

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