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March 2018

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  • Genre report - Entertainment and comedy
    In a two-part special, Tim Dams reports on TV’s fresh focus on entertainment, and new directions in comedy
  • The art of cinematography
    Four leading DoPs tell Michael Burns the secrets of their craft, and explain the techniques they used to create hits like Jason Bourne, The King’s Speech, Lion and Sherlock
  • The Top Ten Cameras
    Televisual’s annual survey reveals the UK’s most hired cameras of the year and uncovers the models everyone will be shooting on in the year ahead
  • TV Studios
    The television studios sector is in flux, amid a spate of closures and re-developments. Pippa Considine reports on a changing studios landscape
  • Take it outside
    Major technical advances such as UHD, HDR and IP are driving big changes in the outside broadcast market. Michael Burns reports
  • And lots more
    This issue also features the Televisual Corporate 50, bright ideas for lighting, how post houses are dealing with the data bulge and pages showcasing the best creative work in UK post and vfx
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  • Game On for C4 & Netflix drama
    Set in the world of computer gaming, C4 and Netflix’s Kiss Me First combines live action and impressive cg animation. Tim Dams reports
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Facilities 50 2015 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Every post house in The Facilities 50 gets the chance to vote for the rival companies they most admire. Here are the ten most voted for and the reasons their rivals rate them highly


Framestore’s “outstanding film vfx” is naturally a focus for voters with many admiring the fact that it is so “globally recognised.” Others point to it being “large but independent” and still managing to make “innovative work” despite its size. Others point to its “development of new technologies” like VR.

The Mill

The Mill picks up second position in the peer poll on the back of being “an awesome creative company” and for being “creatively superb” with an
“international reputation” while holding on to a “continued excellence in service.” Many pick out its cg Orangutan for energy company SSE as worthy of a vote alone.


MPC is the home of “fantastic talent” producing “amazing work” and “flawless vfx,” according to many. Others say that MPC really knows how to “look after production companies” and has enviable “ongoing collaborations with ... the best creatives and directors.”

The Farm

“They are well-focused and well run. They hardly ever lose staff which is always a good sign.” That’s how just one of The Farm’s voters describes the company. For another, The Farm deserves kudos as it “delivers a quality product that clients are prepared to pay for.” Another says “they just get it right.”


Envy retains its position in the peer poll coming in at number five once again, just as it did in 2014’s poll. The post house is picked out by its rivals for its “enviable client service” as well as its “continued growth in a difficult market and its high profile client base” while others point to its. “scale and competitiveness.”


Molinare takes a jump up the peer poll charts this time, rising from eighth in last year’s poll to joint fifth in the 2015 countdown. The company is admired by its fans for its “strong creative and operational team,” as well as simply for being “a lovely and hugely talented team of people.”

Electric Theatre Collective

One of its many voters in the peer poll describes Electric Theatre Collective as a “ballsy company, young and brave!” Others admire its success as an “independent start-up achieving good growth” while others pick it out because “the industry needs sucessful creative boutiques.”


Rushes moves from tenth place in last year’s peer poll to seventh this time on the back of its “quality and service” along with what its voters describe as its “great leadership and identity.” The company is also cited by its admirers for being “great to work with” and for having a “talented creative team.”


Glassworks makes it back into the peer poll top 10 afer missing out on a spot last year. Its admirers cite the company’s “quality of output” as well as the quality of its staff “some great new hires who we have huge respect for,” says another voter while another picks out Glassworks’ talents with “creature work.”

Halo, Time Based Arts

Halo and Time Based Arts share tenth spot in the peer poll with voters citing Halo for becoming “a major player.” Time Based Arts gets kudos for its ”very clever vfx on any budget” as well as producing ”exciting work from a small team” and its ”dedicated attention to pushing creativity.”

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