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July 2017

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  • The Production Technology survey
    Televisual's annual production technology survey reveals the kit that producers are using to make their shows and what they think of it. Tim Dams reports
  • Kids TV
    After several tough years, the children's TV sector has suddenly been hit by a series of good news stories. Jon Creamer reports
  • Tunes for television
    Dozens of production music libraries compete to offer cost effective tracks for TV shows. The choice can be bewildering so Televisual asks top libraries for advice on picking the right track for the job
  • Specialist kit showcase
    From the new, exciting and innovative to the decidedly odd looking but definitely very useful, Televisual rounds up a few examples of kit that can enhance your production
  • Single voices
    Mark Gatiss tells Jon Creamer how he directed and curated a series of monologues for the BBC's Gay Britannia season
  • Film editing
    Editor Paul Machliss explains how he cut Edgar Wright's heist movie Baby Driver to the beat
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  • Animation report
    The UK animation sector has gone from strength to strength in recent years. But with Brexit on the horizon, the industry is working hard to keep the momentum up. Jon Creamer reports
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Production 100 2009 Back to Reports & survey Listing

41  ETV Productions
t 020 782 04470 w
ceo Mark Cullen md Mark Murphy chief creative officer Adrian Swift head of development Lyndsay Duthie staff 58
turnover £5.8m profits £641k  commissions 9 hrs commissioned 1,384  hrs tx’d 1344 key shows Fat Pets, Fat Owners (Sky) Housemate Bingo (Gala TV) Cruise Flash (Thomas Cook TV)
genre ent, fact, fact ent

42 Outline
t 020 7424 7600
joint md Laura Mansfield, Helen Veale head of popular factual & features Bridget Bosely head of production Diana Hunter staff 12 turnover £5.2m commissions 6 hrs commissioned 32 hrs tx’d 19 key shows Economy Gastronomy (BBC2) Guinness World Records Smashed (Sky 1) Living with Jade (Living) genre ent, fact, fact ent

43= Flashback Television
t 020 7253 8768
md Taylor Downing creative director David Edgar staff 12 turnover £5m profit £90k commissions 12 hrs commissioned 35  hrs tx’d 34 key shows Tony Robinson’s Unexplained (C4) Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen (BBC2) Andy McNab’s Tour of Duty (ITV) 50 Things you Need to Know about British History (The History Channel) genre fact, fact ent, drama

43= Tern Television
t 01224 211 123 w
joint mds David Strachan, Gwyneth Hardy creative director Harry Bell head of development Miranda Peters staff 38
turnover £5m profit £166k commissions 12 hrs commissioned 57.75 hrs tx’d 46.75 key shows Beechgrove Garden (BBC Scotland) The Last Resort (BBCN1) KNTV Sex (C4) genre factual, fact ent, kids

45 October Films
md Denman Rooke creative director Adam Bullmore head of development Matt Robins staff 14 turnover £4.9m commissions 11 hrs commissioned 30 hrs tx’d 30 key shows Sun, Sea and A&E (Virgin 1) Chris Ryan’s Elite Police (Nat Geo), Rude Tube (C4) genre fact, fact ent

46 Remedy Productions
joint mds Toby Dormer, Juliet Borges  staff 12 turnover £4.8m profit £600k
commissions 10 hrs commissioned 2500 hrs tx’d 2500 key shows The Surgery (BBC2) Freshly Squeezed (C4) Gonzo (MTV) genre ent, fact ent

47= DLT Entertainment
president Don Taffner Jr vice president Jeff Cotugno director of comedy and drama John Bartlett director of business affairs John Reynolds staff 7
turnover £4.6m profit £250k  commissions 1 hrs commissioned 10 hrs tx’d 6 key shows My Family (BBC1)
genre ent, drama

47= Keo Films
md Zam Baring creative director Andrew Palmer company director Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall staff 24 turnover £4.6m (stuatory figure awaiting board approval) key shows Meet The Natives (C4) Hugh’s Chicken Run (C4) Soldier Girls (C4)
genre fact, fact ent

49 Big Talk
ceo Kenton Allen ceo Nira Park
md Matthew Justice staff 12 turnover £4.4m commissions 5 hrs commissioned 7.5 hrs tx’d 3 key shows Free Agents (C4) genre drama, comedy

The drama and comedy focused indie that’s been behind all of Simon Pegg’s programmes since Spaced, received a cash injection from BBC Worldwide in October last year in exchange for a 25% stake in the company. “The economic downturn coincided with the investment from BBC Worldwide,” says joint CEO Kenton Allen. “This helped us weather the storm and led to an intense pitching and development period, during which we worked on the funded development of three pilots, one series, one returning series and some drama commissions.” Allen adds that, over the last 12 months, while concentrating on developing new shows, “There’s definitely been a slowdown in commissions. We’ve scaled back our recruitment ambitions and rationalised our drama headcount.” Big Talk’s busy programme development period has now come to fruition with forthcoming productions including Handle with Prayer, a 6x30-minute comedy for BBC2, Young, Unemployed and Lazy, a pilot for BBC3, a hidden camera comedy called Bone Bag, the second series of Free Agents and the drama What a Carve Up for C4.

50= Raw Cut
directors Bill Rudgard, Steve Warr turnover £4.3m profits £550k commissions 5 hrs commissioned 44
hrs tx’d 32 key shows Road Wars (Sky One) Police Interceptors (Five) Disaster Eyewitness (Discovery) genre fact, fact ent

In July, Raw Cut hired The Guardian’s Westminster correspondent David Hencke to head its new current affairs unit, as part of a move to broaden the indie’s programming beyond its core blue-light docs. “Our focus now is on diversifying,” explains joint company director Steve Warr. “We’re well known for blue-light police docs and we have to explore other areas.” He says it’s quite a small leap from blue light docs to current affairs: “We’re continually dealing with the police and lawyers for the blue-light docs so are no strangers to this type of programme.” Warr adds that the current affairs unit “gets us into new markets we might not otherwise see. We do very little for C4 at present so it’s a chance to build up a relationship with them.”
Raw Cut has also earmarked entertainment and fact ent as genres it’s intending to move into. “We’ve taken on Phil Ward, who’s a fact ent and entertainment exec, so we’re hoping he’ll help us break into there. We’re working on the lighter side of factual and the heavier side of entertainment.”

50= 2am TV

md Amanda Martin executive producer Gillian McNeill staff 2 turnover £4.3m
commissions 1 hrs commissioned 6
hrs tx’d 5.2 key shows Personal Affairs
(BBC3) genre drama

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