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July 2018

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  • Live and direct
    From concerts to cup finals and ceremonial occasions, live events are increasingly important to broadcasters. Tim Dams reports
  • Cutting comments
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation who’ve shaped films from Top Gun to Wonderwoman 
to Sweeney Todd, tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
  • All the World's a stage
    …And nowhere more than the UK, where studios are coping with an unprecedented demand for studio space from TV and film productions. Pippa Considine reports
  • Let's get high
    From the shoot to final delivery, Michael Burns discovers the best route to HDR
  • Tools of the trade
    Televisual’s annual Production Technology Survey reveals the kit that producers are using to make their content – and what they think of it. Jon Creamer reports
  • Get some focus
    Major changes in the camera market have 
made lens choice more important than 
ever. Phil Rhodes runs through some of 
the best options for programme makers
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  • The art of the edit
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
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Production 100, 2014 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Welcome to Televisual’s 2014 Production 100 survey of the independent production sector, which we have published annually since 1993.

The combined turnover of the top 100 indies stands at £1.93bn, down slightly from last year’s £2.1bn. That said, a strict year on year comparison is hard to make. The indies featured in the survey comprise the vast majority of the leading producers, but each year a handful chose not to take part for various reasons. For example, ITV has not entered its recently acquired indies – Big Talk, So TV and The Garden – as it no longer separates out the turnover of its individual units. Last year, the three companies posted £48m turnover. On the flip side, Zodiak Media, whose indies were absent from the survey in 2013, chose to enter seven of its indies including RDF, IWC Media and The Foundation this year.

Despite the absence of exact year on year comparisons, we conclude it’s been another challenging but good year for the indie sector.

Several indies have had very good years indeed. Sports producer Sunset+Vine has more than doubled its turnover since winning major contracts with BT Sport. Drama producers Carnival, Company, Hartswood, Red Planet and Drama Republic have posted significant growth as the genre enjoys a boom. Hit makers like Twofour (Educating Yorkshire), Love (Great British Bake Off) and Studio Lambert (Gogglebox) have posted good returns. Among medium sized indies, the likes of Windfall, Victory, Spun Gold, Blink, Icon, True North, Arrow Media, Raise the Roof have also had strong years.

However, turnover is down at a significant number of indies, proving that it’s not all rosy.

Yet, the swathe of acquisition activity in recent months should give confidence to producers. Some of the biggest media outfits in the world have bought into the UK indie sector in the past year. And they clearly believe they are investing in a growth market.

How the survey works

Every year, we send survey forms to independent TV production companies and ask a series of questions. The facts provided, which relate to the period July 2013-June 2014, form the basis of the Production 100.

The top 100 are ranked according to the turnover of their UK operations. Staff figures relate to full time staff only. Turnover and profit figures are for the period July 2013-June 2014 or the nearest equivalent. Profits are only published if provided. Many thanks to all the companies who took part – particularly if you didn’t quite make it into the top 100.

Tim Dams

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