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June 2018

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  • Live and direct
    From concerts to cup finals and ceremonial occasions, live events are increasingly important to broadcasters. Tim Dams reports
  • Cutting comments
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation who’ve shaped films from Top Gun to Wonderwoman 
to Sweeney Todd, tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
  • All the World's a stage
    …And nowhere more than the UK, where studios are coping with an unprecedented demand for studio space from TV and film productions. Pippa Considine reports
  • Let's get high
    From the shoot to final delivery, Michael Burns discovers the best route to HDR
  • Tools of the trade
    Televisual’s annual Production Technology Survey reveals the kit that producers are using to make their content – and what they think of it. Jon Creamer reports
  • Get some focus
    Major changes in the camera market have 
made lens choice more important than 
ever. Phil Rhodes runs through some of 
the best options for programme makers
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  • The art of the edit
    In advance of EditFest London 2018, four editors from the worlds of live action and animation tell Jon Creamer what it takes to create the perfect cut
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Production 100, 2014 Back to Reports & survey Listing

81. Rollem
md Kay Mellor
development associate Sian Palfrey
turnover £4.4m profit £588k staff 2
key shows The Syndicate (BBC1), In The Club (BBC1), A Passionate Woman (BBC1)

82. Flame
exec producer Matthew Gordon
production executive Lydia Arding
turnover £4.2m
key shows Heir Hunters (BBC1), Don’t Get Done Get Dom (BBC1), Saints & Scroungers (BBC1), Nightmares Next Door (C5)

83. Touchpaper
(Zodiak Media)
md Rob Pursey
producers Clare Alan, Kath Mattock
head of production Helen Municchi
turnover £4m staff 7
key shows Being Human (BBC3), Murder (BBC1), Coming Up (C4), Tatau (BBC3)

84. Kindle
directors Anne Brogan, Melanie Stokes
turnover £3.9m profit £300k
staff 7 hrs 14
key shows Hank Zipzer (CBBC), Dixi (CBBC), Minibeast Adventure (CBeebies), Dinopaws (CBeebies)

85. Reef
md Richard Farmbrough
director of production Paul Hanrahan
turnover £3.83m profit £147k staff 15 hrs 87
key shows French Collection (C4), Dealers - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (BBC), Messiah at the Foundling Hospital (BBC2)

86. Nerd
(Red Arrow)
md Jago Lee
creative director John Farrar
head of production Elaine Foster
turnover £3.8m staff 22 hrs 20
key shows The 12 Year Old Lifer (C4), Extreme Car Hoarders (Discovery)

87. Oxford Film & Television
creative director Nicolas Kent
head of drama Mark Bentley
head of production Annie Lee
turnover £3.5m profit £100k  staff 14 hrs 17
key shows Our Queen (ITV), The Story of the Jews (BBC2), Psychopath Night (C4)

A true independent documentary producer, Oxford Film and Television is known for its intelligent, highly regarded series like Simon Schama’s The Story of the Jews and The Brits Who Built the Modern World. It’s also just secured a major commission with Channel 5, a co-production with GME, which has been in development for over 14 months. Earlier this year, Oxford Film and TV also completed documentary feature The Widowmaker, narrated by Gillian Anderson, about the medical establishment’s approach to heart attacks.

88. Comedy Unit
(Zodiak Media)
md Rab Christie
creative director Gavin Smith
finance director Jill Harris
turnover £3.2m staff 11 hrs 12
key shows Badults (BBC3), Rab C Nesbitt (BBC2), Limmy’s Show! (BBC2)

Part of Zodiak Media, Comedy Unit is best known for its long running series Rab C Nesbitt – which began life starring Gregor Fisher back in 1990 and has shot 10 series and several specials in all. Rab C Nesbit returned to BBC2 for a New Year’s special in January 2014. Comedy Unit also produced sitcom Badults for BBC3 last year, following three flatmates and their adventures. Comedy Unit is also the producer of BBC2 Scotland sketch series Limmy’s Show, a Bafta Scotland winner. Comedy Unit has shot 12 hours of comedy over the past year, and has 11 staff on its books.

89. Magic Light
mds Martin Pope, Michael Rose
turnover £3.2m staff 8
key shows Room On The Broom (BBC1), The Gruffalo (BBC1)

Magic Light is best known as the producer of the hugely acclaimed animated version of The Gruffalo and other kids books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. It’s been a good year for the indie: its version of Room on the Broom was nominated for an Oscar. Md Michael Rose says Magic Light is focused on building The Gruffalo into a “cherished family brand.“ It has sold 1.5m Gruffalo DVDs worldwide, and anticipates “the majority of future revenues to come from merchandising and other ancillary exploitation.” Magic Light sold some £22m of Gruffalo merchandising products at UK retail in 2013. It’s also started production on a new half hour Donaldson and Scheffler book adaptation The Stickman, which will be ready for Christmas 2015.

90=. Factory TM
md Phil Chalk
operations manager David Porter
turnover £3m staff 14 hrs 10
key shows Clangers (CBeebies), Raa RaaThe Noisy
Lion (CBeebies), Strange Hill High (CBBC).

90=. Thumbs Up
md Marty Redman
head of development TJ Sherbrooke
turnover £3m staff 3 hrs 24
key shows Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model (Sky Living), 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover (Crime and Investigation)

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