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    Jon Creamer introduces Televisual’s exclusive Commercial 30 survey, reporting on a year of highs and lows for commercials producers.
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Commercials 30 2009 Back to Reports & survey Listing

Best in show

As well as ranking the top 30 production outfits, we also give production companies the chance to nominate their favourite commercials, directors, post houses, agencies, editors and vfx artists. Here are the results

Top directors
The most nominated directors in the Commercials 30 poll

1    Ringan Ledwidge    Rattling Stick
2    Dougal Wilson    Blink
3    Chris Palmer    Gorgeous
4    Daniel Kleinman    Rattling Stick
5    Fredrik Bond    Sonny London
6    Vince Squibb    Gorgeous
=7  Jonathan Glazer    Academy
=7  Johnny Green    Knucklehead
=7  Tom Kuntz    MJZ
=10 Frank Budgen    Gorgeous
=10 Ivan Zacharias        Stink

It’s another year in the top spot for Ringan Ledwidge who looks to be settling in for the long haul as number one in much the way his stablemate, Danny Kleinman, did for the three years before him. “2009 was his year” comments one of our voters. “Everything he turns his hand to is beautifully executed,” says another. “Beautiful and atmospheric” is another voter’s comment (presumably referring to Ledwidge’s work).
Blink’s Dougal Wilson takes a big leap to second position in our poll this year after being placed seventh last time for his “pure scope and talent.” In third place (where he was in last year’s poll) is Gorgeous’s Chris Palmer, described as “consistently good on a variety of scripts” by one respondent. Palmer is one of three Gorgeous directors in the top ten alongside Vince Squibb in sixth position and Frank Budgen (“a true filmmaker”) in equal tenth. Rattling Stick’s Daniel Kleinman retains fourth spot in our poll after a year directing some of the industry’s favourite commercials for Audi, and Walls among others. And Tom Kuntz of MJZ makes his first appearance in the directors’ top ten this year.

Top ads
The ads most nominated by commercials production houses
1    Philips Carousel    Stink
2    Adidas House Party    Partizan
=3  Barclaycard Waterslide    Gorgeous
=3  Hovis Go on Lad    Rattling Stick
5    T Mobile Dance    Partizan
6    Virgin Atlantic Love At...    Partizan
=7  Johnnie Walker The Man Who...    HLA
=7  Cadbury’s Eyebrows    MJZ
=7  Robinsons Bird House    Rattling stick
=7  Dept Transport Kill Your Speed  Rattling Stick

Last year’s favourite commercial by a hefty margin was the Juan Cabral directed Gorilla ad for Cadbury’s and this year’s front runner wins by a decent margin once again. Adam Berg’s breathtaking 219-second looped freeze-frame heist mini movie, produced by Stink Digital for Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Philips was our voters’ favourite by far. It also wowed award juries picking up the prestigious film Grand Prix at Cannes.
It’s been a very creative year for Partizan with three ads voted into our top ten. In second place is the star studded Adidas House Party featuring a cast including Missy Elliott, Russell Simmons, David Beckham and Katy Perry. It’s the first commercial for promo director Nima Nourizadeh. Also for Partizan is the flash-mob inspired T Mobile Dance directed by Michael Gracey and 80s celebration Love at First Flight directed by Traktor. Rattling Stick also bags three top ten spots for Ringan Ledwidge’s Go On Lad (that also made number two in last year’s list) for Hovis as well as Andy McLeod’s Bird House for Robinson’s and his Kill Your Speed commercial for the Department of Transport.

Most used post

The ten post outfits most used by commercials producers
1     Framestore
=2  The Mill
=2  MPC
4     Glassworks
5     Smoke & Mirrors
=6  Absolute
=6  Golden Square
=6  Prime Focus
=6  Rushes
=10 Big Buoy
=10 Finish

Most rated post
The ten post companies most highly rated by ad producers
1    Framestore
=2  The Mill
=2  MPC
4    Glassworks
5    Prime Focus
=6  Rushes
=6  Smoke & Mirrors
8    Golden Square
9    Absolute
10  Finish

As usual, the top three positions in our poll of both commercials producers’ most used and most highly rated post houses go to the same three companies that have dominated the three top spots for several years now. However, there is always a little jockeying for position among them. This year, Framestore goes to number one in both polls after being last year’s second most used and third most rated facility. Voters praised it for being “always consistent and still ground breaking,” for its “high quality work” and for being the “mothership for post production.” Stand out spots this year include the Danny Kleinman directed Audi Quattro Urban Carver spot with a downhill skier cutting through the city streets and House of Cards featuring crumbling buildings constructed from playing cards for homelessness charity Shelter directed by Outsider’s Dom & Nic.
The Mill and MPC share second position in both polls after MPC took the top spot in both last year. Respondents praised MPC for its “real improvement in being client focused” and The Mill for its “innovation.” Glassworks, which came in at fourth most rated and fifth most used post house last year takes the number four position this time with its fans praising it for its “very good commercial animation” and its “attention to detail”. Prime Focus takes a big leap up the chart this time, coming in at fifth most rated and sixth most used post house after reaching eighth and ninth respectively last time.

Top agencies
The commercials production companies’ favourite agencies
1    Mother
2    Fallon
3    BBH
4    Wieden + Kennedy
6    BMB
7    Saatchi and Saatchi
8    DDB

At the top of the poll of commercials producers’ favourite customers is Mother, up from a joint second position in last year’s top ten. Respondents praised the company for being “consistently good at managing volume clients and work well” and for the “breadth and depth in their creative” but mainly, during a time of conservatism in the commercials world, for being “always refreshing”, “good risk takers” and for “still pushing through ideas that others don’t/can’t.” Stand out spots this year include its “60s Riviera” inspired ads for Stella Artois produced by Rattling Stick and Sonny London.
In second place is Fallon, down from first position last year. The agency is praised for its “consistently good and interesting work,” its “great creative in this difficult market” and for being “uncompromisingly creative.” In at four is BBH, lauded for its “consistently high quality work and an honest respect and understanding of the production process.”
We’ve only listed the top eight agencies this time as these were the only ones with a significant number of votes. Equal ninth position was shared by a long list of agencies that garnered one vote each – too many to list here.

Top editors
The commercials production companies’ top ten editors
1    Paul Watts    The Quarry
2    Richard Orrick    Work
3    Sam Sneade     Speade
4    Tim Thornton-Allan    Marshall Street
=5  Rick Russell    Final Cut
=5  Russell Icke    The Whitehouse
=7  Steve Gandolfi    Cut + Run
=7  John Smith    The Whitehouse
9     Bill Smedley    Work
10   see text below   

The Quarry’s Paul Watts takes the number one spot for another year in our poll of the sector’s favourite editors. He’s continued his successful collaboration with Gorgeous, cutting Vince Squibb’s HSBC Lumberjack spot and his anti binge drinking Binge Boy and Binge Girl spots as well as Chris Palmer’s Wanna Be Like You anti smoking ad and his cycle safety Whodunnit spot. Rich Orrick makes a return to the 10 in second place after not featuring last year and Sam Sneade moves to number three from last year’s five.The number 10 position is occupied by a host of editors who all picked up an equal score. They are Leo Scott at Speade, Andy McGraw at Cut+Run, Joe Guest and James Rosen at Final Cut, Ted Guard and Jonnie Scarlett at The Quarry and Neil Smith and Art Jones at Work.

Top vfx artists
The commercials production house’s highest rated vfx artists
1    Barnsley    The Mill
2    Jean Clement Soret    MPC
=3  Dave Smith    Absolute
=3  Tom Sparks   
=3  William Bartlett    Framestore
=3  James Allen   Time Based Arts
7     see text below  

And he’s done it again. Once again The Mill’s Barnsley (aka Andrew Wood) has been voted into first position in the poll of the commercials producers’ favourite vfx artists. The vfx artists poll began in 2002 and Barnsley has held the top spot every year since. And he’s worked on some great commercials this year including spots for Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge like Backlot for Virgin Media and the anti drug driving Eyes as well as Partizan director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s To Arthur Guinness spot. We’ve only listed the top six vfx artists this time as these were the only ones with a significant number of votes. Equal seventh was shared by a long list that garnered just one vote each – far too many to list here.

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