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Our investment into programming has more than doubled year on year. The bulk of this money has been by way of top-up funding to cover a deficit between the cost of production and the amount a broadcaster is willing to invest. Broadcasters in the UK no longer fully fund most drama – and a primetime drama will require additional funding of between 10%-25% of the budget.

At All3Media International we either take this risk ourselves for the right project or seek a co-production partner who can jointly fund with us. It’s not just drama we’ve been investing in though; in factual, funding may enable producers to make a more ambitious show.

Competing for shows to sell has become an expensive business. We are still spending on development; getting involved in a show early allows us to target projects that we think will sell and gives us first position in terms of distribution. Second guessing commissioners is a more risky business though, so for us this development spend is very targeted to certain genres and producers.

Louise Pedersen is the managing director of All3Media International

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